Street Fighter 2 on PSN or Consolle Nintendo

November 24, 2017
By Anonymous

Let's take it back when life was simpler and we used to collect our quarters to play an arcade game. This game has marked history since it came out, nothing less than Street fighter 2 turbos. This game released in 1994 that featured new speed settings, new moves, and animations. Not only that but although they kept the same graphics the same they improved it by HD quality for all consoles.

With the new update that they made the soundtracks features the same remixed music from FM town version of Super fighter 2. In my opinion, since I got this game I felt the game being more retro which I personally like. It gives that feel when playing at the arcades with your neighborhood friends. Although the game took a while to appear for PSN it still looks better and the characters don't lag as much as in the Xbox. The characters actually respond to the PS3 joystick better because when I was playing it with the Xbox console the character delayed getting the combo punches. But when I played in my PlayStation 4 the characters actually moved with agility and less slack. Something I also realized was that the Xbox did not have the same feature as background scrolling like in the PS4. The background did not move at all which it looked very oddly when fighting. It looked like a glitch for a second but I'm not going into deep for just yet.

Now let's talk about the new characters that appeared in the new update. With this new update not only did new and better features came into play but also new characters. This is a few characters, the great Akuma, Super Sagot, Ken, Balrog, Vega, Sagat, and Bison. Since we are getting in debt with the characters in this game you could actually change the clothes of the fighter to your vision. It not only helps you connect to the fighter but it helps the fighter come to life when fighting the boss.The graphics for the fighters are just as equal as in the arcade it's like playing in the arcade but in a high-quality definition. Once I got the Idea of the game I started messing with the settings some more and found out that you could actually change the speed of your matches. This allows you to have lightning-fast matches that are honestly very tough to keep up unless you're an expert like my cousin. I honestly thought I was living back 20 years ago with all the thrill and hardcore surrounding me.

I also found out that I could play in multiplayer whether it was online or with other players. I played online although at first, I thought It wasn't going to bet that funny because nobody actually plays this retro games that much. The online experience was fantastic as long as the wifi server does not fall the game will run as smooth as silk. One minor problem I faced was that the controlled configurations did not save the game at times. I had to save it several times just in case I wouldn't lose my fights and modes I had accomplished. The other problem was when the characters suffered from slight glitches when fitting. For one instance I was fighting in fast mode when I tried doing the combo moves with my fighter the fighter did not respond. It sorts of glitch but I just think that it was the update.

So far the experience of this game has been awesome due to the fact that's a coin base arcade game, The new features really help the fighters have their own character and personality so you could feel connect it with the fight. Although the background stayed the same it's just more simplier its something I personally liked due to the fact that it doesn't distract the player from the fight.

The author's comments:

The game "Street Fighter 2" outsnaded because it was so old shool it made it so original.

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