Super Mario Odyssey on Nintendo Switch

November 24, 2017
By killerbot1450 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
killerbot1450 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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Super Mario Odyssey is the most revolutionary game in the series. The controls are very tight, good for precision platforming. When you need to turn 180 degrees in mid-air, it is almost instant. There are many different combinations of ways to move around the level such as diving, rolling, triple jumping, and many more. One problem though, is that there are four buttons that do the same thing as another button, I get that they are trying to allow people with different control preferences to play, but there could have been way more actions than there already are. There are motion controls in the game, but they aren’t needed to beat the story, though some actions are very useful and make the game easier so they could have made one of the four untouched buttons do something different. The camera usually controls well, but there are moments in the game where the camera completely spazzes out, though it is very rare. Like all the other games, moving is momentum based.

Now the graphics. The models look very detailed with the exception of a few. Mario has each individual mustache hair modeled and rigged. Each texture looks HD and very good looking, and there are real smooth animations on everything. Now let’s talk about the few bad looking models. In the city world, the animations of the humans are very choppy, as well as their models and textures looking very minimal, other than that the graphics overall are outstanding and definitely the best in the series. Considering the console it is on, the graphics are very impressive.

Now the music is… AMAZING! It is very well orchestrated and the instruments go together. This is also the first time in the series to feature vocals in some of the songs. The music fits the theme perfectly, and adds a feel of stress and intimidation in the boss fights. This is one of the only soundtracks I would listen to while doing homework or other things. All the tracks are very different from the usual Mario music, yet it still has that distinct Mario feel.

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