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November 20, 2017
By Anonymous

Each year EA Sports comes out with the new FIFA game. This year FIFA 18 came out on September 29th. The game doesn't usually change much throughout the years. They probably add new features and other stuff to make the fan base like me go crazy. The graphics are something that increase in every FIFA game and also the gameplay improves each year. But this game has definitely been an instant hit.

The graphics in FIFA 18 have improved a lot since last year. The players look just like they do in real life. The top stadiums in the world look very nice with a lot of detail in them. Unfortunately this can't be said for all the leagues. The top leagues like the Premier League, La Liga Santander, Bundesliga, Calcio A, and the League 1 of France have the best graphics in the game. From best players to stadiums. On other hand La Liga MX has very good competition but in the game little effort was shown in this league and numerous other small leagues.

There has been a lot of new additions to this year’s FIFA game. The second part to the story of Alex Hunter the Journey has been added. But honestly it's the same thing they just added more drama to the story line. My favorite new feature is the new negotiation mod in manager career mode. You can actually meet with a manager and the player in the game. For example if you want to sign Messi you are able to meet with the Barcelona manager, Messi’s agent and the player Messi as well. This feature is really cool and hopefully it keeps improving in the next few years. Quick substitution are now a thing instead of having to pause the game you can now use this to save time in the game and make the substitution when the ball is out of play. This new features have made FIFA one of the best in the last years.

The gameplay of the game is like fast and the furious. The ball and the players move very quickly. I am a big fan of this gameplay because I like playing the game at a fast pace and soccer is also played at a fast pace in real life. There is very smooth transitioning when passing the ball. Long shots have made it easier to win games. Also goalkeepers can might as well not even show up that is how useless they are in the game. Other than the goalkeepers the gameplay is very nice and it looks very real.

This year’s addition of FIFA is the best addition in the last years and probably the best game of the series. The game is definitely what we all expected, well at least what I expected. Yes I can get frustrated at the game and it can even make me cry, that doesn't change the fact that FIFA 18 is the best game in the series.

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