Forza Horizon 3 on Xbox

November 23, 2017
By Eyeless32 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
Eyeless32 BRONZE, Dallas, Texas
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Welcome to a world that's all about racing. A non-stop exploration of the world with zero limits. Well, the only limits are the mountains and the ocean but everything else, exciting. Forza takes place in Australia, you the player are the boss of this event called the “Horizon Festival” a festival that's all about racing throughout Australia. 

Now, of course, this game doesn't keep you in a constant race every time. It lets you explore all of Australia and just to top that off it even has actual landmarks and it gives you the best resolution off the map. Now it's not just any simple racing game. It keeps you in the game with stunts, events, signs that you can break to gain bonuses and objectives to unlock perks to make your car the best of them all. But the fun doesn't end here. If you find yourself bored of playing solo the game has online multiplayer and co-op to play with your friends and make the game more intense. Thanks to it keep track of the way you drive so if you're ever offline the game makes an offline AI just like you are when you drive o other people can go against you meanwhile you're offline.

Forza gives you the best racing experience with realistic car sounds that are loud and aggressive. The game is really smooth and clean. When you drive in the water it makes it feel real slowing down the car, the water has that splash effect. And also with the weather, it makes it feel real. Like if it rains the water makes your car slippery, if you go under a bridge the water doesn't phase through the ground, and best of all the water droplets move like when it hits the windows on a car. 

Now Forza is not like GTA or Godfather you don't get to walk around. Instead, you're driving all across Australia from Surfer's Paradise to Byron Bay. It takes about 90 seconds to get to each place which is about 1 hour in real life.

I really love this game. It applies life physics, respects the laws of nature. it's just amazing I really recommend playing "Forza Horizon 3" and trust you'll also be addicted and in love with it.

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