Destiny 2 on Xbox One

November 23, 2017
By Thinkception SILVER, Staten Island, New York
Thinkception SILVER, Staten Island, New York
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“Guardian. Guardian? Eyes Up Guardian!” The epic world-spanning journey of Destiny  returns, and the franchise comes back harder, better, and stronger. The gameplay improves in areas you can't count on your fingers. The visuals impress those even used to the next-gen consoles and PCs. And the story, while quite short, fulfills its purpose and is a clear improvement over its predecessor. If you’ve been searching for an exciting interstellar adventure, Destiny 2 has arrived.

Led by Bungie Studios, the creators behind the Halo franchise, Destiny places you in the shoes of a Guardian, a hero revived by the Light to quell the threat of the Darkness. In the game, the main antagonist Dominus Ghual and his army of Red Legion make a devastating assault on The Last City, the final safe haven protected from the Darkness. He and his army succeed in capturing it and The Traveler, a mechanical being who came to Earth, bringing with it the Light. Now, Ghual has taken the Light for himself, so it’s up to you to reassemble the Vanguard, an elite set of Guardians, shoot some baddies, and take back your home.

While many may brush off an FPS (First Person Shooter) as a run of the mill game, Destiny brings something new to the table with an MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) style of gameplay. You choose from a Hunter, Titan, or Warlock, with each character offering unique abilities and catering to different playstyles. Meanwhile, as you travel from planet to planet, completing missions and side quests, you can search for armor and weapons, with every new discovery helping your Guardian grow stronger. Every new find is something to smile at, as you never know what you might find in the vast, open planets of Destiny. From the hidden lost sectors to the cooperative strikes, there’s a fun and rewarding way for any Guardian to get some great loot. Meanwhile, for those wishing to add a nice twist to their countless A.I headshots, there’s the The Crucible, a multiplayer PvP (Player Vs. Player) mode that offers casual and competitive playlists, giving options for both types of gamer. Have fun and kick back with classic gamemodes like Clash and Control in Casual, or fight together with communication and teamwork  to win Countdown and Survival in Competitive.

As the gameplay is very solid, it is the aesthetics that make the game flourish. From the vivid and colorful flora of Nessus to the dark, broody streets of the EDZ, each planet offers a new treat to the eyes. The dramatic music of the boss battles to the ambient sounds of exploration each compliment their situations masterfully. And the voice actors are able to shows their skills in amazing performances. Zavala's shaky confidence, Ikora's hopelessness, and Cayde-6’s happy-go-lucky attitude are all excellently portrayed. It's good to know that developers do care about these details enough to make it a necessary part of the game.

However, no game could ever be without its flaws. One of its most glaring issues is the repetitiveness of the gameplay. As addictive as it is, the gameplay can get stale after the campaign wraps up. As a three years-counting Destiny, I’ve found myself asking the same old question: “Haven’t I done this already?” In addition, the MMO-style of gameplay requires dedication and a lot of time. If you can’t honestly say to yourself that you’ll find time, this isn’t the one for you. Plus, playing solo diminishes the game’s value drastically. You are meant to gather some buddies and go exploring, as without it the game becomes a chore. However, as long as you can beat these problems, you’ll have a blast traveling the solar system.

Overall, Destiny 2  is an amazing sequel to a underwhelming predecessor. While many may be discouraged by the first game, the money coming out of your pocket for this one will not be put to waste. The enveloping worlds, addictive gameplay, and amazing visuals all make Destiny 2 a must-buy game on the market right now. So what are you waiting for, Guardian? Gather your fireteam, load your guns, and fight back the Darkness.

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