Call of Duty World War II on Playstation 4

November 21, 2017
By Anonymous

The campaign in World War 2 is really good to me. The first mission starts at the turning point of the war. Which is D-day, the day they landed in Normandy on June 6 1944, so they can free the land from German rule. The main character of the story is Daniel and the rest of his platoon. What I liked about the campaign is that instead of relying on exosuits and thermal scopes, you have to rely on your platoon like a real army. You can request ammo, health, and the radio for support. The only part that isn’t new is that you can’t health regen. This was actually done in all Call of Duty games before Call of Duty 2. One thing they also do really well is making the player emotionally attached to Daniels and Zussman. This is because at the end of the campaign they have Zussman captured by the Nazis and take him to the concentration camps, and it ends abruptly. As a surprise a prolog pops up and we later find Zussman malnutritional and extremely skinny, showing how cruel the holocaust was.

This part of the game isn’t so great. The way it plays is amazing, the only major flaw is the server issues. When the game first launched the gameplay was great, but as more people got the game the servers just couldn’t handle it. This made the game really laggy, for many hours the game was unplayable, Also some of the guns were really unbalanced, and many people only used one gun. So this made the game suffer from a lack of class diversity. This really ruined the game for me, as I thought for such a big launch of a title as Call of Duty, the servers should be prepared for all the people coming at it. However, I will cut it some slack as it wasn’t as bad and disastrous as Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. However, when all these problems were fixed, this mode was just amazing to play.

This extra mode is really interesting but I just wish that they would’ve told us more backstory in the prolog. Because of the lack in the storyline, this actually makes The Final Reich way more replay-able than other maps in the past. This makes the player go back and search for more clues or try something different in the main quest. The main objective is really difficult in solo, mainly because of the different types of zombies, such as the exploding ones, which are really annoying. Sledgehammer already did such a better job with zombies based on their last game Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. The only thing I would recommend to them, is to make their algorithm for jump scares less glitchy. And also the use of different types of zombies less frequent.

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