Fifa 18

November 22, 2017

The graphics of this game is state of the art. The new game offers lots of amazing graphics and lifelike figures. The fans, stadiums and design of each individual is almost flawless. I really like how they’ve improved from previous Fifa’s.

The Fifa franchise has always included many game modes. Fifa 18 holds the most game modes up until this point. FUT a.k.a Fifa Ultimate Team is one of them. This game mode lets you create your own team of players around the globe to make the best team possible. This feature is available both offline and online. Although it is a challenging mode in the game, I don't really see me a fond if this game mode. Career mode is one of my favorite game mode. This mode can either be played as a manager or a professional soccer player. As a manager, you choose any team you want and try to win as many titles. You can negotiate with other players and offer contracts. As a player, you can choose which clubs to move to, your net worth, and everything else involving a career in soccer. In the career mode, they’ve changed a lor from Fifa 17. Negotiating with players is much more harder and earning money is tight. It still remains my favorite gamemode though. The simplest game mode is free play. This can hold up to 4 players offline and up to 8 players online. There really isn't much to say but it's the vague soccer match. The journey is a new special game mode. In this gamemode, you play as a fictional character named Alex Hunter. It is similar to the career mode except more personal. Family is involved, managers and agents are in control in your hands.

In conlusion, the game is one of the best in the market. Its easily one of my favorite games. The price is a bit too high, but otherwise its a great game.

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