Watch Dogs 2 on PS4 Xbox one and Microsoft Windows

November 22, 2017
By Anonymous

Let me first start off by saying 1st spoiler warning and I love this game from its graphics, animation, story, and 2nd I will be telling this from a PS4 point of view so, although I won’t say I loved some of the gun switchings and the game kind of just throwing you in it gets better after you start to understand the mechanics and the open world-ness.

The animation and cinematics are amazing, they are very detailed and it makes you feel like you are actually in the world of San Francisco and it still really impresses me how good Ubisoft did with this game. Let me give you the run-down of the main points there are 2 main guns, the melee weapon can be used by the O button, The bombs or the paralyzers or the black-out hack are thrown by L1 and R1, most over-world and open circuit hacking are done by L1 and action keys. One typical instant I can think of is when I was doing a mission and was almost spotted by the enemy hackers, but stealthily I moved the car in front of the enemy after I attached a paralyzer on it then I activated it and paralyzed the enemy and then to any that survived I used my "Zero Day Rifle" and silent killed them.

Now you may be thinking the more in-depth mechanics like reloading and ammo. As for the manual reload button, there is none and the ammo pickup for the "DEDSEC", the hacker organization that you work for in order to expose the crimes of all the controlling power on San Francisco, weapons there are no pick-ups but there are pickups if you are using the military weapons. You are able to get all of your ammo refilled at the pawnshop for money of course. Now let us talk about the manual reload, which takes about 2.5 seconds give or take. One instance where I realized that was when I first started playing the game and charged into a mission and ended up running out of ammo. If this were like some other games I would have died, but thanks to auto-reload I managed to live.

As someone great once said, "not everything is perfect everything has its flaws" this game has it's own and that happens to be hard to switch to throwable items. It gets very difficult and frustrating when you are in a battle and you can’t switch to your throwables like a paralyzer or a bomb. Also while we are on the topic it is nearly impossible to shoot, climb or sprint when you are on the phone in the game of course and trying to get a vehicle from "Cars on Demand" it is the same for when you’re hacking. Oh, and don’t even get me started on when you are in single player and need to shoot from a car window the entire controls for shooting changes and you can’t even properly aim! For healing, we have to hide in a cover which makes no sense for a fairly realistic game I mean Marcus, the character you play as, just got shot like 3 times how is he going heal from that by hiding behind a stack of wood? Once when I was trying to get into this company named "Nudle" and I tried to cause a blackout, and I ran towards the security guard and I couldn’t switch to my guns in time and BAM! a bullet through the head for me, but I was near a desk and healed in about 5 seconds.

Overall even with all of its flaws, the game is a near perfect masterpiece and I love it. I haven’t played all of it because it has about 700 side missions. It is most defiantly one of my all-time favorites. Well I mean I guess where it lacks in the quickness and controllability, it kind of makes up for with its huge contents and the mechanics. On a scale from 1-10, I would give it a 9.8/10 and would definitely recommend giving it a try.

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