My Real World

March 25, 2009
My journey leveling my rogue has been a long and difficult one, but it has been well worth it. I started my journey little more than twelve months ago and have since evolved from a huge noob to someone of more value in the game. Along the way, I have made many friends, some that I met online and some that I know personally; I have also had a lot of fun. I have greatly increased my ability to meet new friends and have improved upon my people skills.
Along my epic journey, I have met many new people that I will remember for years to come. These newly met people were once strangers that I now share a special bond with. From this game, I have improved the relationships that I have with friends that I personally know. Knowing that these friends have my back is also a really great feeling.
From this amazing game, I have found an amazing stress reliever. This game is much better than any pill I know of. After a long, hard day at school, it is always comforting knowing that when I get home I will have a way to calm down and get in my days amount of fun. This game has left me with many memorable experiences that I will never forget.
This game has taught me to never be afraid to ask questions. Knowing that I can ask any game related question in trade chat and getting a quick response is very comforting. There are no stupid questions if they make sense and the question is clearly stated. I can now easily start a conversation with any player in the game who has been playing for just a few months.
Along my epic journey, I have made many friends, had a lot of fun, and have greatly increased my people skills. This game has left me with many great experiences that I will hopefully never forget. I hope that anyone looking for a stress reliever or looking to make new friends tries the free 10 day trail to see how they like the game. My real world is World of Warcraft.

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