Miitopia on Nintendo 3DS

October 19, 2017
By JL_32 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
JL_32 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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I can agree with Sunmin K. when she wrote about Miitopia in her video game review.Miitopia is a colorful and creative RPG game for all ages.I definitely agree with Sunmin on the positive comments she wrote wrote in her article but, I would like to add on.First of all, the vibrant and creativeness of the game.Miitopia has that kid-friendly vibe that Nintendo likes to use.Inventiveness shines when creating your ''Mii's" as there are many unique options for customization.Next, Miitopia's RPG gaming style.Miitopia's manner of gameplay style reminds me of old Pokemon games and the forgotten "Super Mario RPG" game.They all play as RPG(role playing game) games wich are phenomenally fun to amuse.To recap, Sunmin's video game review is very good and i can relate.

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