Overwatch on PC, PlayStation, Xbox

October 17, 2017
By blaziken2006 BRONZE, CHARLOTTE, North Carolina
blaziken2006 BRONZE, CHARLOTTE, North Carolina
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After having played overwatch for almost a year and a half, I still love the game and constantly find it fresh and fun. It’s a arena first person shooter based around teamwork. There are two teams of 6 that face one another on unique maps with different play styles, some where you have to capture an objective, some where you have to transport an objective across the map. There are many different heroes with different abilities that you can play, from high damage to tank characters, to suit your own play style.  The characters are constantly being changed and rebalanced in order to maintain a fresh and unique gaming experience as well.

For overwatch, you have 25 different characters, ranging from the fast, highly mobile Genji to the slow high-hp tanks like the gun touting, shielder, Orisa. You’ll see these characters with different play styles, and you don’t even have to play the same as others, you can play how ever you’d like on these characters. You will be able to have fun experimenting with these different characters in modes like training or quick play. Once you have the hang of it all, you can try your luck in the competitive scene.

The author's comments:

I'm an avid gamer and it's my passion. I'm not a great player but I'm not bad either, and overwatch easily appeals to me, and it's easy to just jump right into.

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