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September 29, 2017
By personnarrative BRONZE, Fort Worth, Texas
personnarrative BRONZE, Fort Worth, Texas
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There’s this game that’s been out since 2014 called Destiny. it was a lot of fun. The sequel to the game came out September 5, 2017. I was so ready to play because it was my favorite game. This game was everything to me.

Destiny 2 finally came. It was wonderful, everything, the best. I could not stop playing it. It was everything that I wanted to be and more. It had good strikes, campaign missions, and crucible. There’s even more coming out later this month and at the end of the year. The best thing that’s still not up yet it the raid. The raid is the complete ending of the game. once you do the raid you should have everything and the game is over, but that doesn’t mean that the fun stops. The game is so good that there’s even more stuff to get after that.

Strikes are mini raids. This is the easiest way to explain it to the people that don’t know what destiny is. Strikes you can play with friends, which is what the Destiny community calls a “fire team “. Most of them you don’t need a fire team for but the ones you do are the hard ones and they are called “Heroic Strikes “. These are the hardest types of strike, that you can do by yourself but preferably done with a fire team. Heroic Strikes give you more loot (guns, armor, shaders, and gun mods), and they also take longer.

The crucible is a game mode that you can shoot other players that play the games too. Some games that you can play on crucible are zone control, clash, supremacy. They are all good but personally the best game mode to me is clash because it basically just shooting the other players which is not a very hard objective to do.
Zone control is a game mode in the crucible. If you don’t play destiny or haven’t heard of it, then you probably heard of “Call of Duty”, it’s like the game mode capture the flag. The only difference is that there 3 flags and you must sit on the point then the flag becomes your teams flag. If there’s any enemy flag that you want to capture then you have to sit on their point and simply the flap becomes captured and is on your team’s side.
Supremacy is also a crucible game mode. What you do it complete this game mode you have to kill the enemy team to grab these crest that drop from their body once you’ve killed them and they die. You collect those and you win the game. if your team mate dies next to you there’s going to be a blue crest that drops and to stop the enemy team from collecting that you simply just have to collect your teams crest. Also, if you die your crest drops and the enemy team Is able to get it or your team could grab it.

Raid comes out when you finish the story mode and it the hardest and longest thing to do in the Destiny world. It’s basically a long and harder version of a strike. To even star the raid you need a full fire team of 6 in your lobby.

Well I hoped you liked this and I’ve persuaded you to be interested in buying this game and support the Destiny community. this is all I have for. Have a good day.

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