Halo 3 Orbital Drop Shock Troopers

October 3, 2017
By Allen2001 BRONZE, Malakoff, Texas
Allen2001 BRONZE, Malakoff, Texas
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Halo 3 Orbital Drop Shock Troopers (ODST) is a first-person shooter video game released in 2009 for the XBox 360 console. The game was made by Microsoft Studios; yet, it's a part of the Halo franchise. The game takes place in the year 2025. On The Spartan Team ODST, the main protagonist is a new Spartan called Rookie. During his drop, he was split from his team. His fellow Spartans’ names are Buck,Dutch, Miles, and Dare. his team was split up at drop only to Rookie have  lost and on his own  trying to track them down you play as his teammates only to have you play as them deciding their fates, giving Rookie gets hints and flash backs of the events that had happened hours before he found the the sites of the tragic events.

Players get a chance to play as each spartan on Rookie`s team all but one spartan Dare no one knows why you don't get to find out the story of spartan Dare all you find out about spartan Dare is that she took cover in a covenant troop hive seeking shelter  trapped buck helped her get out of the hive but rookie is still lost in the city of mombasa the city is dark empty no civilian life to be seen in the city streets in the buildings lie deceased unsc troops train ticket machines have tickets flowing out of them like nothing even matters   cop cars lights and sirens are still going off and covenant  dropships are looking for survivors no matter spartan or civilian they are searching  so they can finish you off as in well make you another one among the deceased soldiers and civilians now the forces you've been fighting called the covenant are a variety of alien species that want to wipe out all of humanity for destroying their planets and people they are apart of an anarchy that wants mass extension of one race or civilization the humans there goal has not been reached but they try to find all type of unknown artifacts or types of ancient mechanisms that can help them reach that goal for instance in halo 4 the didact an old old race of librarian or  (prometheans) still human  who went mad and wanted to konker the whole entire galaxy and rule it by himself why the covenant are looking for this type of all technology to reach there goals but the main characters that find out what they are up to like in the games is a spartan an an A.I. ( a chip made for spartans by doctor hallsey the A.I. is made from the doctor's own flesh and dna but the A.I.is a copy of the doctor to help the spartans on their missions each spartan the mane one in a great deal of the game would me master chief is a gen two spartan gen two spartans armor is Mark IV which is gen two spartan gear an advanced exoskeleton system suit all suits are made by different companies this one was made by orbital armour systems   made on earth . now the multiplayer is good you need to survive  rounds of enemies you can play with more than one player you can play with four people players get to chose a spartan of their choice from the campaign or main storyline and a dark part of the story is a army of an alien race called elites in the game all have been claimed as decease and classified. the reason for this they were planning to split form the covenant but they could not have that happen if they did they would sided with the humans and make them more powerful not only in smarts but in tecknowledgey. So they had the forces in the city execute them all of them leaving the player hours earlier playing as spartan Buck to find this gruesome scene lined up in rows. I love the Halo franchise combat is fun and strategic every game is fun and unique in its own way with new spartans and enemies. You get a new multiplayer and campaign experience every time a new game comes out there's much fun to be had playing these games try theme for yourself . you meet new players and you can make new friends you can also play thru the campaign together all players have strategies on how they play   how do you play do you play by photographic memory of the map skill or strategy. What your spartan style mixed armor matching or all of the above . make your look of spartan armor and emblem colors more it's fun to play this franchise i encourage you to play all of the games.

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