A Simpe Guide to Attacking in Rainbow 6. on All

October 2, 2017
By Daylen Bradley BRONZE, Malakoff, Texas
Daylen Bradley BRONZE, Malakoff, Texas
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area and search for the hostage. You found the hostage great, now hide your drone in a safe and high area so you can see the whole room.Your drone will be a reference point when you are going to strike. It is ok if someone shot your drone you still have one if you need it . Now enough of the shenanigans it’s time to strike. Now there are three ways you go with this. #1: you can rush in with a three speed operator.#2 You will slowly advance to the objective with a one speed operator. #3 You will advance at a medium pace and be tactile with a two speed operator. Now that you know what strat that you are going to use,It is time to strike. Make your advancement to the objective any way you want to either if you are rappelling up to a window or blowing up every wall and door in your path. If you are using the inside way you need to watch out for one thing and that is a roaming Caviera, she can be hiding anywhere and if she is around,you will never know. Now if you are using the scenic route you need to watch out before you jump in because you never know if a defender is watching that window. Your next move depends on what game mode it is such as bomb, secure area, and hostage. On bomb peak at both of the bombs and see if there are any one in there. If there is no one there then you can move in. The tactic I use is plant it in a area so you can see the bomb, such as put it at a doorway so I can watch it from a different room or put it by a window and watch it from outside. If it is hostage check the area and if there Is no one there hurry up and sprint to the hostage and dart out a window or door outside, for this I recommend a three speed operator. Last but not least on secure area all you have to do is check if the area is clear and if so jump in and just don’t let them come in the area. If there are people in the objective in any of these game modes all you have to do is take them out. One you have done this successfully you can win any match successfully unless the other player that you are facing against is an actual experienced player unlike yourself. Yes that is right I called you a noob, I’m just joking. All you have to do is use my tactics and that experienced player will turn into a noob. I hope this has help become better at attacking.

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