Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

May 12, 2017
By Ganoncide01 BRONZE, Mount Sterling, Ohio
Ganoncide01 BRONZE, Mount Sterling, Ohio
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In the game Xenoverse 2 You play as a time patroller like in the first game but things are a little different. The town is con ton city instead of Toki Toki City. Instead of being summoned by Trunks “he is the leader of the Time Patrollers” because he changed time and is being punished for changing time. He gave Goku medication for Goku’s heart disease. His heart disease was suppose to kill Goku but since Trunks gives him the medication it doesn't. Trunks is from a future where Goku died so he couldn’t defeat the andriods so they killed everyone else,except,Goku’s son Gohan who is Trunks’ master and Trunks. Then they kill Gohan because he only has one arm. So Trunks has his mom ”Bulma” build him a time machine so he can save Goku because the medication for his heart now exists. Trunks may have changed the future for the better he still changed it which is wrong so he is forced to correct all other problems in time. Instead of being summoned in by Trunks you are trained before in the Con Ton city training school for Time Patrollers. The music is arguably worse but everything else is better except the tedious side missions given to you by different Z fighters. Depending on your race your game will begin differently. I am going to tell you about the Saiyan race because they are the best I’m not being racist it is just they are a whole lot stronger and different stats that matter. Upon entering the game as a saiyan you meet Bulma and Vegeta talking to each other about something that is pointless to the game. Then Old Kai and The Supreme Kai of Time calls you and asks you to go to the Time Nest. You then learn that you are a great student at the Time patroller school. For being such a great warrior/student you are chosen for a mission that threatens the security of space and time. The game is basically just Xenoverse 1 but with better graphics, combos, and other things. The first quest enemy is Raditz no surprise there. Raditz is easier to beat now because of the better combos I mentioned before. After you beat Raditz you can do a few things like obtain trainers and masters. You can also visit any store and start side quest and parallel quests. My personal least favorite side quest is delivering milk. Everything that you would think that you could do to deliver milk is wrong. It is harder for you than it was for Goku and Krillin in the original Dragon Ball anime. Everything else is easier I guess, You can pick when you want your masters to train you and there are a lot more trainers to teach you new moves. The parallel quest are what you think they are you basic way to train for the next main mission. There isn’t really anything super important about them other than you can obtain different abilities and clothes. If you get to level 35 you can go back to parallel mission 4 fight the additional enemies to have a better chance of getting the Dragon Balls. In game the Dragon Balls will get you characters if you know the right wish. If you wish for a more usable character Shenron will give you Hit from DBS or he will give you Omega Shenron, Nuova Shenron, or Eis Shenron. These characters are all from DBGT. Also there is a new game currency that is called TP points I’m not really sure what purpose they serve all I know is that they are a whole lot more valuable than Zeni. Next you will the next main mission is Vegeta and Nappa when they come to earth in search of the Dragon Balls. You will meet the saiyan known as Turles and he is evil he also has some fruit called the tree of might fruit which enhances strength but with dark energy. It is basically the same battle as it was in the first game but now both Nappa and Vegeta are great apes or Oozaru. By now you’ve unlocked some advancement tests. This allows you to unlock different missions that your trainers will give you. And some more trainers and that is basically it. After you fight the Ginyu force you will have to fight Frieza duhh. While fighting the Ginyu Force will will find Lord Slug “he is Turles partner.” Then Turles shows up and you and Trunks kill them. In your “final” battle with Frieza his Brother Cooler assists him. Cooler with try to spam the same attack over and over and also interrupt your battle with Frieza a lot so watch out for that and Goku isn't that much help because he is an A.I. After you beat Frieza you will be able to fly in town but you will not be able to get Super Saiyan right then for some reason. Flying makes everything way easier because you don’t have to ride your capsule vehicle around everywhere anymore. Now there will be transfer shop clerks who can send you to any place in the town that you have been to. You find out that Turles and Slug worked for Mira and Towa “They are villains from the first game”. Along with The Masked Saiyan who is really Bardock “Goku’s father also the first ever Super Saiyan”.They are the ones who are messing with time which is the reason for the Time Patrollers. You then fight Cell. Nothing really important happens. You are probably level 40 by now so you need to go to Capsule Corp. to talk to Vegeta. You will fight him when he is a Super Saiyan, after you beat him you have to talk to him, Bulma then Trunks. After talking to Trunks you go back to Vegeta and Goku. If you beat them you get the ability to transform into a Super Saiyan and you can also transform into a Super Saiyan 3 which you couldn't in the first game. You will fight Buu next. Bardock realizes what he is doing is bad and traps Mira in a dimension between our world and the demon realm but both Mira and Bardock escape this realm and you won’t see Bardock for the rest of the main game This will unlock more side missions trainers etc. Then you will fight Frieza once more with Goku but this time Frieza is golden and Goku has the power of a god. You will have more side missions and trainers nothing new it is just more of the same. The Supreme Kai of Time has a bird named Toki Toki. Toki Toki City is named after him because he is a special bird. When he yes he lays an egg a universe is born. So Mira Decides to steal the egg and he eats it to consume its power. So you have to fight someone with the power of a universe. You do beat him with the help of Goku because you help him all the time you beat him and retrieve the egg. Then The Supreme Kai of Time throws a party. After this you find out that there are more time eggs that need to be recovered. This leads to so many tedious missions. After you find all 5 the time eggs you will turn them into The Supreme Kai of Time. She will tell you there are more quests. Which is where you battle as Bardock when Bardock took Mira to the dimension between realms. The other is playing as Trunks’ friend Gohan/Goku’s son fight the Androids. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 is my favorite game 10/10 I would recommend this game to anyone who is a fan of R.P.G.s and Dragon Ball in general.

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