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The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Remastered on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC

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The game Itself is about a legendary warrior who must save the world of Tamriel and especially the main land known as Skyrim. The game is a first person RPG which focuses on quests and gear as well as magic and characters. The story involves many suspenseful and dangerous elements all of which are excellent. The main story has multiple endings and groups which allows the player to chose their own playstyle such as a warrior, a thief, a mage or anywhere in between depending on the groups or preferences. The game features a very detailed leveling system which allows a player to advance certain skills and attain new ones which help further the plot yet very few skills are required to continue in the main story meaning there is a freedom to use whichever skills they find the most useful. The main story however is very short which is why there has to be much focus on many other sidequests to be able to continue because otherwise each main mission will be very difficult if they are done right after another which is designed to make the player have to improve often and in some cases even use exploits. The graphics are also something very impressive which is great with things like the gamma in game and the use of things such as magic and fire. The textures that are used in game are also updated to the new consoles and takes full advantage of the new technology. The game also allows the player to pick from different races in game and each includes their own advantages and added skills as well as differed responses from specific characters in game which provides a very immersive experience. A common issue in the game is that it has a very large amount of glitches and exploits which although may seem fun to the player can make the experience feel less rewarding in the end. The game has a very immersive experience, a large amount of characters, incredible diversity, great story telling, amazing abilities and breathtaking graphics to add to the whole experience. Overall this game most likely deserves a rating from critics and from me personally of 9 out of 10 with the only problem is having some exploits and a short main story.

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