Hotel Dusk on Nintendo DS

May 6, 2017
By thewritebrother GOLD, Powell, Ohio
thewritebrother GOLD, Powell, Ohio
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Hotel Dusk is a decent choose-your-own-adventure detective video game, it has charming yet simple puzzles, some of which are very ambiguous require you to figure out what your supposed to do (which may frustrate some players, but the answers to these specific puzzles are pretty neat, however two puzzles are impossible do on a 2DS due to its lack of collapsibility), the also game has an verbal character interaction system (of which is very important to visual novels) that becomes very interesting when the dialogue start getting right and wrong answers, not to mention the game’s awesome soundtrack. But the game has even more to offer than mastering the capabilities of the now-almost-forgotten Nintendo DS, you see the one thing the game is better at being than a game, it’s being one of the best detective stories of not only most video games, but also most detective stories in history all without (spoiler alert) really killing anybody (plus the only crimes that really happen on the games- spoiler alert number two- were quickly shrugged off to by fact that they weren’t very serious so they were pretty much forgiven and forgotten all except for some of screen events that will never be concluded). So seeing as I can’t think of many other stories that has done this sort of thing before, it’s kinda never been done. Heck, this game has such a good story I would elaborate even more on tinier bits of the game in order to prevent spoilers yet still keep this review a satisfying length and still not spoil the game, if these details didn’t really prove to be major spoilers for some the the specific chapters, of which will start ending with a heart-touching reveal, and even if I were willing to do that, then the review would suddenly become a stupid rant about what happens in the game, so if you have Nintendo DS, 3DS or New 3DS (again, some puzzles won’t work on the 2DS for hardware reasons), then this game will truly justify your choice of portable console.

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