March 31, 2017
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Many of you that are gamers have probably heard of a game called Overwatch. It is a First Person Shooter game made by Blizzard Entertainment on May 24, 2016. This game is available for multiple gaming platforms including Xbox, Playstation, and PC. It won the Game of the Year Award for 2016, surprisingly because it was its first year out for sale.


The main game mechanic is called “Quick Play” which is a six versus six battle. Inside this game mechanic is two main game modes, one is call “Escort” and the other called “Control”. There is multiple other smaller game modes in Overwatch that other players can create which can be open to the public or just for you friends. There is also a game mode where you can versus CPU’s also known as bots. This is where you go against players created and controlled by the game.


One of the main things Overwatch is known for is the story line. It was a war against humans and omincs. Omnics were robots with artificial intelligence created for the purpose of helping and living like people. But they turned and started a war with the whole human race, it was called The Omnic Crisis. Once this began an organization called Overwatch, which was formed to fight the omnics. Eventually the war ended with the humans winning and Overwatch being disbanded because it was too dangerous.


In Overwatch there are 23 heros and more on the way, including a new character named Doomfist. Each hero is put in one of four categories, Offensive, Defensive, Tank, and Support. Each class has a specific role in the game like healing, protecting, fighting, etc. Almost each hero is a different race and has a backstory. Some heros has gotten their own animated shorts to go further into their character.


In conclusion, Overwatch is a highly rated game with great detail and great gameplay for all gamers. Blizzard is still creating and adding new features and characters for Overwatch in the future. Once you start playing it will be very hard to put down because of all the features and possibilities.

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