Call of Duty Black Ops 1

March 10, 2017

Call of Duty Black Ops 1 is a Popular First Person shooters (FPS) game that has gone global all around the world who play it. Call of Duty Black Ops 1 has three different ways you can it play; you can play Zombies, Multiplayer and Campaign. Call of Duty Black Ops 1 was the bestselling video game in the call of duty franchise; it has selled millions of copies!

If you played the campaign then you will understand the story but I will tell you what happens but in short.  In 1945, the Russian army follows the rest of the troops who have a deadly toxin called “Nova 6.” general Dragovich, the leader who leads the Russian army, takes Nova 6 and uses it on his soldiers. Victor Resnov plans to conquer the United States and send sleeper agents to hide within their borders. Resnov is safe from the toxin. The British army invade during the demonstration, in an attempt to take the Nova 6 gas away from the Russian/Nikita Dragovich.

Resnov takes advantage of the commotion and escapes but the British catch him, He was captured and sent to a labor camp. Dragovich obtained the gas and the Nazi scientist “Fredrick Stein.”  Alex Mason a undercover soldier working with the CIA in 1961, does a mission called “The Bay Of Pigs” to assassinate a dangerous man named Fidel Castro, Mason thought he killed him but he kills Fidel’s stunt double and is captured and was put in the same camp where Victor Resnov is.

While in the camp, the Russians decide to brainwash Mason into killing the president John F. Kennedy.
But Resnov somehow changes mason to eliminate Dragovich, Stein and Kravchenko, the brainwash was successful but Mason starts hearing numbers that are telling him something important but he doesn’t know that, Resnov and Mason makes a plan to break out and escape from the camp but when they do, Resnov lets mason escape and dies after. Years later, Mason starts working for the military again and was to find Dragovich, Mason was still brainwashed and during his search for Dragovich he hallucinates that Victor is still alive and fighting by his side but was not. Victor found Steiner and killed him or did he, Mason thought he was Victor Resnov and shot and killed Steiner. Now that Steiner is dead, the military find out that Dragovich is still alive and was going to use the Nova 6 on the United States, Mason was arrested and was told he was brained wash and was also told that Victor Resnov was not real and was killed 4 years ago, they found a way to turn off Mason’s brainwash.
Mason remembers where the location of the broadcast of where the Russians where going to use Nova 6.  They destroy the broadcast and kill Dragovich saving the US.

There you have it, a story about what happened in Black Ops 1. Call of Duty Black Ops 1 is probably the best FPS game that I know. 

When Treyarch released Black Ops 1 so many people bought the game, they were gaining money in seconds!
Black Ops 1 was also popular for Zombies since it was a new gamemode for Call of Duty players; it was also popular for new DLC (Downloadable Content) maps.

When I play Black Ops 1 I am an absolute beast at the game, and how am I good? I know spawn switching, map control, spawns, flanking, attachments, aiming ect. I play with my friends sometimes but I feel better alone because I am more competitive and serious. I enjoy 1v1 my friends because I make them rage, I also like playing with players like me.

if you do notice me and your on the other team well be prepared to die a lot.

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jk ur the best
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this sucks
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