March 10, 2017
By Anonymous

GTA 5 is based on real life and has stories for each of the three characters. It is one of the most popular games since 2015. GTA V has story mode and also online mode, and you get to own cargo jobs and receive new cars and sell them for money. There’s even a cargo crate job, which means you get to sell special crate that might have guns or any special equipment in there. Also now there’s a new remote to open the car doors. This is cool because it’s way faster to open the doors. To be honest I like online mode more than story mode?, because you get to play with your closest friends together in the same game. Also GTA V is one of the most common violent, sporting, shooting game in the whole world. GTA comes with new cars, and a big yacht. Also GTA 5 has heist as in jobs but with good quality money to earn. GTA V is base as in reality it got missions jobs that you can do to earn money. You also got money that you can add into your bank that you can collect to get a house or buy a car, plane, helicopter, boat, or the military weapons and cars that they use.


IN online you get to play with your friends and play missions all together also you get to be a CEO of an organization and have your own office, and you get to do your own heist.

In GTA it gives you 3 people to choose from it, only if you complete the story mode or some of it. The first one is Franklin is a person who lives with his mom in a house and has homie called Lamar and him and he does some missions as in robbing bikes killing gangs and sort of stuffs. Than their drug dealer called Trevor he is a weirdo person hanging with a truck and he goes around the city acts all crazy. Than in some points he eats a medicine from a citizen on the streets and gets all crazy thinking he is killing clowns.

Finally but not least their 1 last person called Michael he has a gigantic house he’s living with his wife, daughter, and son. He is supposed to be a nice guy but in some ways he gets in trouble with his family and somehow ends up meeting Trevor and franklin. Than they all 3 stars doing jobs together and missions. And in the finally they all die or I don’t know. Well that’s all you gotten know about GTA V.

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Hi im from seattle i live in a mansion and im famous :)

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