NBA 2k17 on XBOX One

March 2, 2017
By , Hastings, MI

The NBA 2K franchise has been ever growing and expanding every single year, which is an impressive concept that many gaming companies would be unable to accomplish. Every year they find subtle ways to enhance their product for their future, which manages to keep the game refreshing. As someone who has played every 2k game since 2008, I feel as if I have a decent chunk of background information on what has changed over the years.

One main catalyst towards a better game over the past few years has been the innovative story behind MyPlayer and the career you take on. 2K17’s  career mode this year is based around your journey through one year of college as a highly touted prospect. After your college experience, you move into the NBA where you get drafted. The team you're drafted by also happens to pick a player named Justice Young, who you befriend and create a dynamic duo with. This new dynamic duo feature allows you to switch in between the two players when you begin to play well together throughout a game.This occurs whenever one of the two controllable players assists the other on a scoring play. This is the first time the 2K franchise has let you control 2 separate players, which is a revolutionary feature for the future.

MyLeague and MyGM mode have many similarities to previous additions, without a whole lot of changes. You still deal with the nagging problem of players coming to you with issues about practice every week, but overall the two modes are still a lot of fun and worth your time.

2k17 overall has a rather weak online gameplay feature. Basketball is something that can be extremely hard to play when you're constantly dealing with lag. MyPark is a nice feature still as the smaller sized games can be full of action, but I was not particularly impressed.

While 2k17 was not the most impressive game I've ever played, I thoroughly enjoyed the game and storyline. The developers of this game did a very good job making the game feel different and fresh compared to previous editions. As a huge sports fan and video game lover, I'd give this game about an 8 out of 10.

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