The Witcher III: The Wild Hunt on Ps4, Xbox, PC

February 22, 2017
By Anonymous

When it comes to gaming the most popular triple A titles are usually something to do with a first person shooter such as “Call of Duty” or the newly popular “Battlefield” series, however from the makers of CD Projekt Red who most people have never heard of. Coming  from Warsaw, Poland comes one of the best rated and beloved games of 2016 “The Witcher III The Wild Hunt”.  When most people hear of a medieval RPG they think of an “Elder scrolls” game like Skyrim however Witcher III stood out above the crowd. 

The Witcher III The Wild Hunt’s story line is so strong it can quickly wrap you in. You play as Geralt who is a Witcher, a Witcher is a monster hunter who kills anything or anyone for the correct price. He has an adopted daughter named Ciri who also became a witcher, however she goes missing after being chased from the Wild Hunt who are riders of death from the sky. They come after Ciri due to her powers. Geralt then goes off to save her and protect her, however he has to track her down first finding help from his old friends from the older games. The game is beautifully scripted each character feels very unique some are easy to love others easier to hate on them.  Geralt has a very great personality during all conversations you have multiple choices for what you would like him to say depending on what is said the game changes people can leave or join you.

Gameplay and Map
In this world Geralt of Rivia will come along many foes ranging from giants to humans and even in between with trolls. The combat system is unique to each enemy, because every enemy is truly different humans fight differently than monster, also each monster fight different than other monsters. In the game Geralt has signs he can cast small magical moves “Axii, Aard, Igni, Quen, and Yrden” each sign has a different purpose in combat, for example Quen is a powerful sign that allows you to cast a shield over your body protecting you from hits however if the enemy is strong enough they are able to smash through the protection causing damage. So you will have to fight using more dodges and rolling compared to blocking with spells or swords, not only that, but each enemy may have a sign or potion they are weak to allowing you to prepare before you fight one. When Geralt fights he carries two swords, one being a silver sword and the other a steel sword the steel is in any human fight while Silver is for any monster like a drowner or werewolf you come across. One of the things I first noticed in this game was how fast numbers of enemies can take you down and how quickly it makes you decide to run rather than fight it out. Though in the game there are only two types of sword being steel and silver there are many variants of the swords with different damage, effects, worth, and bonus damages even looks. The map is huge and ranges from forest to plains even swamps and ocean shores all the way to snow cold mountain tops. This game is completely free roam and you are able to go and do as you please advancing in the story whenever you would like to. A larger part of side quests in this game are Witcher contracts where you hunt a beast that has killed or maybe bullied villages this is when your potions and bombs could come into play allowing you to come in better prepared for the fight.

This game is gorgeous in every way from the combat to characters, even the graphics were beyond what I thought they were going to be like. The weather system makes it truly feel like a real world. The storyline is engaging and this game takes a nice play through or two to really understand its beauty simply 10/10.

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