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February 14, 2017
By Anonymous

The Dota 2 community is a large group of jerks.

In my experience as a player of this game I've come to find a lot a people that are ***holes. The dota community is a very hostile and rude group, it’s based on the fact if you're good or bad. In dota it's very possible that you could get called a idiot or retarded and many more hurtful words. If you play dota you can not say you have not been on ether sides of these words, and you know how it can make you feel. There are actually several different ways you can be an a** in dota. They could feed the other team which means giving them kills, gold, and levels. They can also be a troll by saying people are bad and blame the entire team for losing but it's actually them making us lose. They could also leave the game making the team down a player. The community is kinda racist as well, mostly towards people that don't speak their language on an english server, it’s usually spanish speaking people.

The community is not welcoming to new players at all. If you're new and you go into a game not knowing  any of the tactics skills or items you will get screwed by the enemy team and by your team verbally. There are nice and helpful people in the game but they are rare. If you're new you should stick to bot matches tell you know the game then go to competitive matches.

My attitude in this game is completely dependent on if I'm doing good or bad and how my team is doing. I can say I am part of the ***holes and have said some hurtful things to people. It’s a good way to let out anger when you cus someone out that you don’t know and probably never see. I have also tried to help people by giving advice on what to do and things they should get. When I help someone in game it makes me feel good.

Even though it can make me rage, I still play this game because it gives the satisfaction of win and losing.

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