Overwatch's New Character: Sombra on Xbox One

With all the time I've played Overwatch, I was exicted to hear that a new character was being added. A new character in this type of game (in my personal opinion) changes the way you play all your characters. Sombra is the first stealth character added to the game, a new character with a whole new playstyle. I did play her and have played against other players playing here (sorry about all the plays :P) and she is definitely a useful and an annoying character if a player knows how to play her. Now lets get on to abilities


Her Primary fire is an uzi that has a clip of 60 bullets that sprays and prays, an inaccurate weapon at long range, the closer the better. Her main ability is a cloak that makes her COMPLETLY invisible and increases her movement for a short time. bumping into enemy players and turrets will alert enemies and have turrets attack you if your too close. Her second ability is to drop a teleporter for herself that lasts 15 seconds for a quick getaway in a sticky situation. Her most important ability is her hacking ability. She can hack enemies, which doing so cuts them off from using any of their abilites for a short time, and she can hack healthpacks to respawn them faster and only HER TEAM can use them, not the enemy. Her ultimate is an EMP, which is a huge blastwave that disables all enemies abilites in the area, and shuts down any abilites the enemy is using.


Now what I think of her: she is definitly an interesting character added to the game and a stealth character is a game-changing addition for the more cloak and dagger type of player. Blizzard did a good job with this new character, although I feel that a few things can be tweaked about her, otherwize I'm quite happy with her. Try her out!

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