Grand Theft Auto 5 on PS4

November 16, 2016
By Testarosa SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
Testarosa SILVER, Wilmington, Delaware
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Once you get your first video game you can't get enough of it. For my first game I got a first person shooting game and its was Grand Theft Auto 5 ( GTA5 ). I didn't know much about it because i was still a small kid at the time so you can call me a beginner. The moment I got online with my friends everything changed.

I first started out with the story mode we handling the character and weapons were easy but as more missions you did the harder it got. After a couple go’s anyone could get the hang of it. One part that i like was when Michael had to save his son from being kidnapped. He chased a car with his friend Lamar that's had a large speed boats attached on the car. Michaels car was a convertible and it made the mission way easier. His son just had one job to do and that was to trust his dad and jump off the boat onto his dad’s car right behind him. You get the point just a lot of outrageous mission you have to complete to unlock things online.

The moment i got Membership for online i was the happiest kid, I started to ask people for their gamer tag so we could play together. Online changed my perspective on videos for ever. I learn a few things. One rule always to follow was if you don’t know the person and they keep chasing you “ Fire first and ask questions later”. I know most people been in my shoes once when you just want to have fun with your friends so you bully on one gamer until the rage quit, plus you get more familiar with your surroundings. This is also a great time to show off your gun skill or practice for when you actually need it urself not just for fun.

For the most part people online can be chill and want to enjoy the game as much as yourself. Another rule is “ If the don’t mess with you don’t mess with them” so if you know you're in a lobby with people who are just fighting and you don’t get in there business the won’t be in yours either. This game is really good for a young teen or pre teen to really enjoy. At the same time you can also run yourself into a young kid ( squeaker ) or a grown up. I will really recommend  this game to people.

This game is pretty cheap not with a game life cycle of three years which will cut the game in half. Their DLC Updates are really fun with friend because if you don’t have enough money to buy something you other friend possible could afford it. In my opinion i would give this game a 4.5 out of 5 stars just because we need a new GTA to come out in the market to have more better and new experience.

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