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Amusement parks are usually places of...well...amusement. However, this is not the case for a mother named Lorraine and her son, Callum. This is due to the fact that Callum decides to randomly run into Atlantic Island Park, leaving Lorraine to search the desolate amusement park for him. Being a horror game, The Park is going to make you aware of the fact that Lorraine and her son aren't the only ones lurking within the amusement park.

The Park is a 1-2 hour psychological horror adventure that delivers most of its scares through a somewhat spooky atmosphere and admittedly well-placed jump-scares. However, The Park is not at its best when its main focus is on offering scares to those who play it. It IS at its best when its main focus is on delivering emotionally powerful lines of dialogue that offer insight into the lives of Lorraine and Callum. Although these lines of dialogue are amazingly engrossing, they lead the player to feel as if there is some kind of background context they should know already so as to fully enjoy the plot of this game. One thing The Park also does wrong story-wise is fail to offer an interesting side narrative.

Like many modern horror games, The Park allows players to collect notes in order to offer a branching narrative from that of the main story. However, notes only give you information that you could easily have come to the conclusion to thanks to context given from the main story. Thankfully, The Park also expresses its side narrative in a way that matches its setting by allowing players to ride various attractions. Said attractions gave me interesting information about the plot that never felt boring because it helped make the world I was playing in feel alive (despite the aforementioned description of Atlantic Island Park being fittingly desolate). Although the story of The Park is good, the graphics tend to be a bit lackluster.

The Park's graphics are a mixture between being good and okay. The good aspect comes into play when describing the amazingly designed backdrops of The Park. The okay aspect comes into play when describing the stiff character models that oddly clip through objects they shouldn't be clipping through in the first place.Thankfully, the sound design and soundtrack redeem the negative side of The Park's graphics by perfectly crafting a spooky atmosphere through expertly paced music and well-placed sound effects.

When it comes down to the final say, The Park is not a good horror game. It may be able to create an excellent atmosphere and place jump-scares in excellent locations, but it fails to leave someone with more than a slight jump at its attempts at horror. However, The Park excells in its narrative that ironically, is the part of the game that actually did give me chills due to its emotional lines of dialogue that gave me a repetitive feeling that my heart was being ripped out of my chest. Despite its lack of horror, The Park would have me buying tickets of admission as soon as it opened.

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