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New Super Mario Bros

new super mario bros is a great game. it may be a recycled video game, but they made so well, no cares it is recycled. The single player was fun and challenging. I hate easy games, but games too hard are games not worth playing.this game isn't like that. it is one of those games that may be hard as you progress, but you feel like you know you can beat it and just need to buckle down and try harder. The multiplayer is exciting. play against another friend is fun, i just wish the mario vs luigi could be on teams and that it is at least four player. the minigames are amazing as well. some minigames could have been done without, but other than that, there are great. the minigame "Wanted!" was episcally fun. when playing with friends, it tests how fast you can move a stylus and how well you can identify mario characters no matter where they are. i give this game 9.7 out of 10.0 buy this game if you have a nintendo ds, you'll love it.

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