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June 12, 2014
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The developers at DICE have created a masterpiece that is Battlefield 4. As an avid fps (first person shooter) gamer, I’ve logged days on the online arena, but nothing compares to the spectacle of BF4. The next generation of consoles and shooters has taken a large step forward with the release of BF4 and promises even more to come in the future.

As a previous COD (Call of Duty) enthusiast, it was hard to imagine there could be anything more fulfilling then nuking your opponents and ending the game with a bang, but oh my did Battlefield surprise me. Hopping right into my first game of conquest, Battlefield’s main game mode, the first thing I notice is how beautiful the scenery looks. The power behind the graphics in the PS4 is light years ahead of its predecessor. For the first time, consoles have graphics similar to the level of a PC. I’m doing everything as I would in COD until I get distracted by the sunlight glistening through the canopy, reflecting off the water and creating glare on my screen. The attention to detail is astounding as you are immersed in this online breathable world.

Switching from the COD stadium to BF4 comes with a whole new set of game rules. No longer is everyone on your team a ‘slayer’, people actually use teamwork to win games. The strategic placement of vehicles and different soldiers gives BF4 a feeling of being a true ‘military shooter’. The skill cap is just miles above that of Call of Duty. Your character model’s motion and mechanics actually mimic real life movements. Your gun, believe it or not, actually has recoil… You must also lead your shots, something unheard of in COD. Your bullets experience bullet drop, simulating gravity in real life. Only certain soldier classes can carry certain equipment needed for specific situations on the battlefield. Engineers hold the power to repair/damage vehicles. Assault members can carry medical packs and defibrillators to heal infantry on the front lines. Recon scouts can control spawn points and spot enemies from a far. Lastly, support players can carry ammo boxes and mortars to assist troops during the firefight.

Then there’s the gun balancing, one of the most important aspects of a game to ensure a shooter doesn’t become broken or unfair. There are so many options to choose from in BF4. As oppose to having maybe 30 guns in COD, of which maybe 10 are commonly used, BF4 enlists close to 60 weapons. Each with their own plethora of attachments to customize your gun to your liking. You can honestly find a niche for every gun on the battlefield, every weapon and attachment has a purpose. Finally, there’s the server browser. No longer will you have to wait to play on your favorite map. You can find your map with any game type, maximum signal strength, any desired amount of players, at any time of the day.

BF4 brings so many new elements to the table and has improved on everything that was already there. It’s an astounding accomplishment that every fps must match from now on and I cannot wait to see what else DICE has in store for us. In short Battlefield 4 has blown COD Ghosts out of the water, and to anyone who has ever considered making the switch from the stale tasting Call of Duty regurgitation, make the switch. You will be glad you did.

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