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April 11, 2014
By Nyson PLATINUM, Orlando, Florida
Nyson PLATINUM, Orlando, Florida
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The creative minds of Maxis have given young adults and older the powers of gods for years with the Sims series and SimCity and that's great but they lacked any form of simulator for a younger audience till 2008. In 2008 Maxis took to the stars and came up with a simulator game like no other aimed at the children, that game was called Spore. Spore is a galactic game of creative proportions where you can design and evolve your very own alien race, and in the end, search for the answer of the universe.

Spore offers a multitude of creative options from the clothes your alien will wear to the buildings your aliens will reside in. But how much stuff can you put on a creature before it's TOO much, well if you look in the upper right corner you will find the complexity meter. The complexity meter is a tool that will tell you just how difficult and crowded your alien is, it also tells you just how much it will cost. Yep it takes money to build all the world of Spore and populate it, from the wings you may add or the jet thrusters your ship may need. Every part you use minus the base will have a value and that value will be deminished from your total account. This can be a problem if you have a small account number and want to really "pimp" your race out, so be wary of the complex indicator.

The game is broken down into 5 stages, the 5 critical stages of your races evolution. And it all begins...in a comet, that's right you begin as a tiny little cell inside of a giant comet that crashes into the planet of your choice. From there you grow either as an algae sucker or a meat liquifier and gain new parts to suvive the harsh cesspool of genetic material you swim through. But as you evolve so des your brain and eventually it will grow and help you realize...what am I doing here, and you'll grow legs, crawl to land and begin the next stage. That being the creature stage where you must evolve and survive living with your colony and gaining allied friendship or destroying the other species, growing till you learn culture and basic rallying of your fellow aliens. This leads you into the tribal stage where you will create tools and form weapons where you can gain the love of other tribes or stick their heads on pikes into the grounds as trophies of their defeats. But when you finally rationalize how degrading and barbaric that is you can evolve into the civilization stage, finally buildings vehicles and mining companies have done you very well to develop your cities into metropolises. Use the powers of money to buy out the competition or use your voice to convert the enemies to your side, or you know take a missle blaster and just...blast them. Either way as long as you gain control of the planets assets and grow to develop a space program. Yes folks that dream you've had of owning a spaceship has come true as you finish the game off in the space stage, and fly acorss the galaxy looking for the answer to life and colonizing your men all over conquering the universe and becoming it's king.

So many choices at every crossroads, are you the good, the bad, or the neutral cause you don't want trouble for being either. perhaps you like the idea of being a warmongering carnivore or maybe youre a vegetarian priest who spreads words of peace and love, either way you will gain special abilities from both sides of the tracks so switch it up and see what you get.

So Spore has something for everyone whether you enjoy creating alien species or you enjoy destroying other alien species you can find something to love about this game and I highly recommend it for anyone who loves the works of Maxis and their world wide simulations.

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