State of Decay on Xbox Arcade

January 10, 2014
I’m reviewing State of Decay, an Xbox Arcade game that is $15.00. Here are my criteria for the game’s evaluation: Graphics, Gameplay, User Interface, Storyline, Characters, Replay Value, and Price.

Graphics: The graphics are pretty great and are functional for an arcade game like State of Decay. It is simply works with the feel and style of the game. When I played it, I was amazed that the graphics works very well. Is almost like you’re helping the game’s main three protagonists Maya, Marcus, and Billy. It gets 4 out of 5 for graphics.

Gameplay: The gameplay is rather good at some points and not so great at others. It features a journal that is brought up by pressing the up on the d-pad. It shows your inventory, weapons, cars you found, player experience, and influence you gain from other characters you meet in the town. Combat focuses more on melee at first you and guns are a rare commodity. They are effective at killing, but the downside is they attract zombies, since the zombies respond to loud noises like guns and cars make. The game will have suppressors that are given to you by survivors you saved or completed tasks for them (the suppressors will be very helpful in the long term though.) Melee can be your strong point with melee weapons. But isn’t as effective without one against a horde of zombies. Cars are main type of transportation in the game and can be an awesome zombie kill spree tool in combat but, stops when gas runs out. The missions are gathering and return or rescuing other survivors but beware of losing your progress on that specific mission and have to redo that all over again. Overall, the gameplay is superb despite some of its game mechanics. It gets 4.5 out of 5

User Interface: The controls for the game are good and a casual gamer can understand these controls to right away with the helpful prompts you receive when you first start out and you’ll get accustomed to the Xbox control layout gradually. Next thing you know you’ll be pressing buttons like a PRO! It gets 5 out of 5.

Storyline: The main protagonists are Maya, Marcus, and Billy. They are in a zombie infested town with other survivors you meet along the way in this imaginary post apocalyptic world. Marcus is the athletically strong one, while Maya is the soldier and has nimbleness as a trait. Finally, Billy is the comical one who gets injured in the game at some point in the game. They travel from a mountain as the first mission and head into town as the second and I cannot tell you more then that because I don’t want to spoil it for you gamers out there. The main characters survey their world as you explore a rural world infested with the dead. The storyline progresses as you meet more and more survivors to help and level up along the way. The game makes you feel sad for the characters as their lives, emotions, and way of living is unveiled as you play along. It receives 5 out of 5.

Replay Value: I’ve heard the multiplayer was excellent and you have many different areas you can go to explore to find secret weaponry, food, clothes and new vehicles. You can build a camp (depending on your influence in story mode and rank in multiplayer.) There are plenty of achievements to conquer and add to your gamerscore to show your skills to your finds. Exploration is a big factor in replay value and that keeps gamers coming back for seconds! It gets 5 out of 5.

Price: If you like post-apocalyptic third person survival zombie shooters with breaking the bank for a game like Dead Rising 3 and still want the gore then buy State of Decay for $15.00 bucks! If you liked this review please leave a comment below and I will keep doing more reviews in the future. P.S. This is my first game review.

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