Black Ops Zombies vs. Black Ops 2 Zombies on Xbox 360

January 10, 2014
By D.L.Mocrief BRONZE, Cleveland, Ohio
D.L.Mocrief BRONZE, Cleveland, Ohio
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I am doing a review on the Zombie mode of the games Black Ops and Black Ops 2, I am going to talk about which game I think is better with provided information to support my answer. These two games are played on multiple game systems but I am referring this to the Xbox 360 game system. These two games are survival games and you gain points to purchase weapons that you find all around the maps and you fight against zombies to survive. The more levels you survive, the higher the difficulty level.

I personally think the Black Ops 2 zombies are better than Black Ops’ zombies. Black Ops 2 zombies are for players who love a challenge. The graphics are excellent and the maps that you fight against zombies on are smaller to test your survival skills to the extreme. Although the Black Ops’ zombie maps are much larger, there’s no challenge to those maps because it’s easier to escape from being cornered by a mob of zombies. In Black Ops 2, the zombies are more intelligent and they play tricks with your mind. Once you think you’re free of zombies, another zombie is approaching to take you down to make you lose and restart the map. You have a higher chance of guessing where the next zombie is because the Black Ops’ zombies are more noisy than Black Ops 2 zombies.

In the Blacks Ops 2 zombie maps, they are more realistic because those zombies actually are breaking through the ground like an actual zombie would. Some of those zombies either crawl or jump through broken doors and windows. All of Black Ops’ zombies approach broken doors and windows, break through wooden planks preventing their entry, crawl through and attack. In Black Ops 2, the zombies are better designed than Black Ops’ zombies because these zombies are all wearing different clothes. You can tell there were civilians livng in that city before the zombie apocalypse broke out.

The graphics on Black Ops’ zombies are more realistic than Black Ops’ 2 zombies. Even though that’s true, Black Ops’ 2 zombies were more thought out during the editing and creation of the game. The creators of Black Ops’ 2 zombies were more into the thinking process when creating the game to make the zombies and the players were better created according to the choice of every map that’s available to play on. Black Ops’ zombies are all wearing the same attire and there was no thought into changing the attire of zombies, nor the survivors. Black Ops’ 2 zombies have a better weapon selection.

If you like survivalist and zombie-killing games, you should purchase Black Ops’ 2. It’s overall better than Black Ops’ zombies. Black Ops’ 2 zombies are more challenging because some zombies are stronger than others. You can ride a bus to different place if you were to choose the transit map. Black Ops’ 2 zombies are more interesting than Black Ops’ zombies, there are more weapons to kill zombies, the zombies become stronger as you survive more and more levels.

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i like killing zombies

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