Grand Theft Auto 5 on Xbox 360

January 10, 2014
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Do you like playing real life action packed games? Then you should play Grand Theft Auto 5; it is similar to the real world outside of the game world. The things you can do in this game are robbing banks, stealing cars, fighting people, running from police, and do all the illegal things that people do in real life. Even the weather changes from day to day in this game. The graphics are great! In this game everything is real; it’s like you’re living in your own world on a game. In this game you do things that people do in real life, like smoke, drink, get haircuts, repair cars, and buy houses. This game is not a gruesome game because there is not a lot of blood when people die and that is a good thing for the younger kids. Grand Theft Auto is rated (M) for Mature, which means you have to be ages 17 and over with an ID to purchase Grand Theft Auto. The price for this game lowered because it already been in stores for over a month, so the cost is $50.00. Grand Theft Auto is a story and the characters play an important role in this story. The story’s main character is Michael he is a hardworking man and he is one of those people who want money more than anything else. The upgrades of Grand Theft Auto were perfect. This game is different than the games made before similar to Grand Theft Auto. This game has more new guns and new cars. The cars are faster and it is easier to drive. Grand Theft Auto became more violent over the years. The name of the game was different in the beginning of making games like Grand Theft Auto. The name before was San Andreas and later on over the years the name changed to Grand Theft Auto.

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