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December 31, 2013
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Hello readers, this is my third video game review. Seeing how my past two were about games I enjoyed I decided to finally criticize a game, so I decided to choose GTA4.
The GTA series is done by the game company Rockstar. They have a reputation for making amazing games and they live up to it pretty well. However there are a few games that are less than amazing.
GTA4 has many great reviews, so me being a fan of Rockstar I checked it out. I got the game for 20 dollars and I just have to say that it was a waste.
First off, the characters are less than impressive, they seem to have absolutely no personality! It was as if they created each character in under a minute in one day.
Second, Liberty City is dull. The buildings are literally grey and the sky has a complete absence of color. I couldn't even enjoy the game because I was so bummed out.
The game all around just seems to be incomplete, to be honest I wish I didn't buy it. And the thing that irritated me the most was the driving mechanics.
I couldn't drive anywhere without slipping and sliding into a wall due to the awful controls.
Even though I hated the game there is one thing that I actually liked. The Easter Egg inside the Statue of Liberty.
Well there you have it, so for those that don't agree with me on this review just remember that it's one person's opinion. Also I hope that you don't give me any hate comments.
Thank you for reading this, and a heads up, my next review will be over the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

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