Faster Than Light on PC

December 11, 2013
magine you are the captain of a crew of two, on a small, intergalactic spacecraft equipped with poor laser weaponry and a weak shield. You must escape the increasing rebel threat. Whilst evading the rebel threat by space by using warp jumping from star to star, hostile foes and friendly merchants will come in contact with you. This is FTL.
Faster Than Light is a very exciting, 3rd person space strategy combat game. The graphics for this game aren’t anything super high end, but the unique pixelated graphics adds sort of that classic gameplay. One pro of having low end graphics makes it so you don’t need a super fancy computer to run FTL. However, Faster Than Light would be a very awesome looking game with HD graphics.
Playing FTL is simple, yet requires much strategy and skill. I enjoy this concept of strategic combat. For example, you can focus your weapons at disabling the enemy’s shields, or you could aim directly at their oxygen supply. Another way to fight attackers is to send your own crew over to the enemy ship to eliminate their crew. The massive amount of choice in combat defines FTL.
There is one catch, however. When your ship is destroyed, it is game over and you must start all over again. Some people complain about this, saying there should be “checkpoints” or a way to save the game. I personally enjoy the intensity of one wrong move causing the lives of your entire crew, it adds flavor to the gameplay, in a way relating to Star Trek. In Star Trek, Captain Kirk must make risky decisions that determine the lives of his entire crew, or the cargo onboard. This intensive combat makes games interesting, and more exciting.
With all of this in mind, FTL is a great game, if you enjoy not having a place to go back to if you die, and if you enjoy strategic combat. If you are more of a Call of Duty gamer, then this game probably isn’t for you. On my scale of 1 to 10, FTL gets 8.5. It’s concept is brilliant, the combat is fun, and the classic graphics and a good vibe when you are playing. Yes it can get frustrating if you die, and the graphics aren’t the best if you are looking for an HD game. FTL is an inexpensive game, filled with great gaming moments.

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