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November 22, 2013
By Anonymous

World of Warcraft is the oldest most played online game with ten million players today, that is
still popular even after nine years of the original release. At the highest point in the game there
was nineteen million people playing at once on their servers. Now since the original game
release there has been no follow-up sequel game that has come out, but there have been four
expansions that have added on to the base of the game. These expansions The Burning Crusader,
wrath of the lich king, cataclysm, and mists of Pandora have all added on in every way the
original game had. The prices of these expansions vary and some are even given with the
purchase of the original game.

The game is RPG (role-playing-game) that is in third person but not in a fixed camera angle. You
use your mouse and keyboard like most other games, all the options can be changed so it suites
you. Speaking of options, wow’s character customization is not really in depth and is pretty
plane when compared to other games like Skyrim or guild of wars, but there are a lot of different
races you can play as. Also there are a good number of different classes which you can play but
there are some restricted classes to some races. With the expansions the number of races are
thirteen, 6 being alliance (human, night elf, dwarf, gnome, draenei, wogen) and six for the horde
(orc, goblin, undead, troll, tauren, bloodelf) and one neutral (pandaren). All the classes are
warrior, warlock, mage, paladin, hunter, druid, priest, rogue, shaman, death knight, and monk.
The death knight and monk are added on later in the wrath of the lich king and mists of Pandora

To advance in wow, you level up from 1 to 60 with the basic wow edition and then if you every
edition afterword’s the highest rank goes up by ten or 5, ninety being the highest now with mists
of Pandora. To go up each level you need to earn experience that can be earned pretty much just
by killing monsters, but to killing these monsters there are quests, dungeons, instances, player vs.
player combat, raids, and all of that involves killing something. But over the expansions they
have added many more fun quests like trashing a party or making a robot dance, and much more.

The story in World of Warcraft will take you about one hundred hours to go through all the
history of it in the game but not only that, there are even books, comics, internet sites, and many
more places where you can get information and the background of the story in WOW. Even
though the game is a open world you are restricted to parts of it just from the levels of the
monsters in areas and your level. If your level is a lot lower than the monsters in a area then you
will most likely die. In wow the world map is divided into small sections that are designed for a
specific level range, however larger level players can go back to lower level areas for many
reasons such as maybe they missed a quest or they haven’t explored all the area or maybe they
want to go back to help another player out. Whatever the reason is, players once high enough can
go to any part of the map they want. There are no invisible walls at all in the game besides the
sky and the ocean but you can go over mountains or leap off buildings or anything you want
without the interference of invisible walls.

Gameplay in wow is a one of a kind; it changed the way RPG’s are made today. The first thing
they put into gameplay is the action bar, which is where you can put your action such as spells or
attacks or health potions or anything that your character does in combat. You can either click it
or use your keyboard to activate these actions. Now once you activate a action on the action bar
there will be a one second delay for all actions, this is so that fights will not end so quickly if two
opponents are evenly matched.

Overall I would say it is an excellent game not perfect because there are a few things wrong that
could be fixed such as when there are full servers you can’t log in or the lag rate for intense
combat so it doesn’t feel good and smooth and just chopped up. Also the graphics are not top
notch but since there is hardly ever any loading screens that means when you log in you can go
around your continent without ever having to wait a few minutes staring at a loading screen.
Another thing that bothered me was just how much time it takes to get up to the highest level is
ridicules. It probably takes about one hundred hours to get up to the highest rank which I
personally don’t like. Lastly I don’t like how you have to pay monthly for a game you already
bought. However don’t get me wrong it is a excellent game hands down, but all games has its
flaws. 9 out of 10 is the score I give it.

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