Minecraft on PC

October 10, 2013
is an open world game where the players can explore and create anything that they want in their world. The player could also find multiple animals and monsters wondering around the world. The monsters would attack any player that they see in there range, some monsters can teleport anywhere on the world. Some players called the game addicted and adventures. The players are able to create anything to match their imagination and lifestyles. The game comes with two modes that the players could use survival and creative it also comes with three types of difficulty, easy, hard, normal and peaceful. The difficulty that is used determines how good of a player they are.

The game has allot of items and materials that could help create the world for the player. The world can be chosen by creating and destroying land so the player could put their homes and statues. The game is put together so that the players can play how they want. There are minimum objectives in the game but the players have to be in survival mode to do most objectives. The objectives are real simple and test your knowledge of how mincraft is played. The world comes with caves and forests; the world also comes with secrets that you can find around the land.

The game has a way to create portals to other dimensions in the mincraft universe where you can see monsters that are not seen on the surface of the world. To summarize the game you will have to play the game to understand all the places in the land of minecraft and how it could become one of the addicting games that is played today.

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