The Last of Us on PS3

September 26, 2013
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The Last of Us is the tale of two outbreak survivors (Joel and Ellie), as they travel across the United States in order to find a cure for the deadly cordyceps that have infected millions of people. This title is a PS3 exclusive, and has been critically acclaimed by many reviewers alike.

One of the game's most distinctive features would be the attention to detail in every area you come across. At times, you can get so caught up in just how much care was put into these places, which always look so different than the last. These details are just part of the reason why you will immerse yourself in whatever situations you are put in, as you can use the environment to your advantage, whether it be for stealth, or using items you found splayed out on the ground to damage your enemies.

Another interesting thing about this game would be that you are able to go about completing each stage however you would like to.

Using stealth has the ability to create more tension, and provides for a great challenge. However, going all out and facing your enemies head on makes for some pretty fun gameplay, as well, but is sometimes not the best, or smartest way to win.

To create an even more thrilling atmosphere, the music definitely adds on to the experience. It has a very unique sound; a perfect plend of simple instruments, crossed with folk. This doesn't ruin gameplay, or become too overbearing, however. The music can either be used to help indicate if there are more enemies laying in wait for you, or can have a rather relaxing effect on you. It is a lovely cross between two genres of music, which anyone and everyone can enjoy.

When the music is matched perfectly with the cutscenes, it becomes a beautifully crafted piece of artwork, rather than just a video game. The story is extremely well-written; gripping, and always reeling you back in for more. You can always appreciate how much care was put into the design of this game, and it never proves to be boring. The Last of Us is definitely worth your money, whether you borrow it, buy it used, or brand new. You will not be disappointed with your purchase!

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