WWE '13 on Xbox 360

June 16, 2013
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I have played the video game made by former gamer publisher known as, THQ. They may have gone into bankruptcy and have shut down to make a new wave for a new series of game producers in 2K Sports. They did produce the game along with creators, Yuke's, and may have done a slight bit of a good job. This game is mainly about a review on the glitches (errors), the play-through, and the overall basics and in- depth infatuation with the game of WWE '13.

It has many topics to go around about with such as the play- through. It has a new and improved audio system that makes commentary and audio throughout the game in a more positive and more friendly way and especially, fan interaction wise. It got better from some previous games such as SmackDown! vs. Raw 2006 and previous ones before WWE '13. The audio system and the gaming flow throughout this game made it a better and more fun game for people of almost all ages to enjoy.

We, me and other colleagues, also have experienced the same glitches (slight, yet sometimes funny errors made by hackers and others) in most of the same parts especially with an object, weapons, etc. They can be approved for some improvements on it because even though some may enjoy it, it ticks off others and sometimes me on the other hand when I'm trying to make it seem real and be real as possible.

Glitches, the audio system, and the play- through have all been good to me and others at times, but sometimes, you just want it the right way, especially for some YouTube people who make a living off the game and the playing the game parts to the fullest and realest extent of all. In the future, try to make it the best and almost glitch- free game in the next one in WWE 2K14. Thank you.

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