God of War 3 on ps3

May 30, 2013
By Anonymous

God of War 3 Review
God of war is one of the best games I’ve ever played. Out of all the god of wars I played it has the best graphics. The only reason why I say it has the best graphics out of all the ones I played is because I have only played the first 5. I’ve played God of War 1, God of war 2, God of war 3, God of war Ghost of Sparta, and I’m currently playing God of war Chains of Olympus. The only 1 left in the series after I finish God of war Chains of Olympus is God of war Ascension. One of the hardest parts of all of God of War 3 is trying to kill Zeus. The cool part is that before you go and kill Zeus you get to go kill of the Titians. The Titians are the people that fought against the Gods in the Great War. The sword of Olympus is the sword that ended the Great War and Zeus was the one who ended the Great War and banished some of the Titians to great a horrible punishment forever. So Kratos teamed up with the Titans at the beginning of the game and as you go through the game as Kratos you go and kill all of the Gods and Titans. At the end of the game you kill Zeus inside of a Titan named Gaia. But the only problem is that he comes out alive and you punch him in the face until he dies.

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