Fable 2 on Xbox 360

May 28, 2013
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Hello to all my readers, I know I haven't added a new piece in a long time but I thought I would come back with a classic review. Fable 2 is the long awaited sequel of the original Fable game and it's expansion Fable:Lost chapters. Things have changed since the last fable game, one of which is that the setting is still Albion but it's five years into the future. You play as a descendant of the original hero living on the streets with your sister,who you can choose to play as this time around. Tragedy strikes you and you are left alone in the care of a blind gypsy named Theresa.
Accompanying you now grown up and searching for revenge is a dog who can do a variety of tasks like point out treasure chests, dig up burial mounds, and fight. He can also help in making expressions crude or otherwise. The game play is standard RPG, with an inventory and equip screen and your skill trees separated into three categories. You've got red (strength), yellow (range), blue (magic)and green (general).
OK so make it four skill trees. Your red governs how big your character gets, how much they can carry in terms of weight, and skills like charge. Yellow governs how well you can wield a gun or bow and the speed at which you can fire. Blue being magic allows you to buy, and increase the power of current spells you own turning them from weak sauce to devastation. Green being general is things like your own speed and other random things in the like.
These skills can change how your character looks, the more you pour into magic the more runic symbols in a blue glow will appear on your character. The strength set can give your character beef while the yellow will give them a physique worthy of an assassin. Be careful though because you can also get fat from eating too much.
If you're familiar with Fable 1 than this has only changed for the better, the morale system. You have your good, neutral, evil but now there is a new bar to worry about. Purity, and corruption these are what govern whether you are given gods hat or the devils insignia on your forehead. Evil and good turn your skin color and hair color so it is possible to be an evil but pure person. This makes the character combinations more unique then before and certainly gives new meaning to the word irony.
The art visuals since this games predecessor have only become more stunning, each individual ray of light can be seen breaking through the trees and the rolling clouds give you such a sense of time passing you by as you age into herodom. The way your eye glints as the morning sun rises is truly breathtaking and the way the age of the castles shows through its cracks and moss makes it seem like you were actually in Albion. It is captivating after a long quest to sit down somewhere and watch the sun literally set before your eyes.
I don't mean for this review to be rushed but i'm afraid I have to go and look for more material to write on but hopefully this is a stunning comeback for me.

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Cyber-Skull This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jun. 28, 2013 at 5:17 pm
I haven't played Fable 2 in a while, but I still remember what fun it was to play.
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