LittleBigPlanet 2 on PS3

April 14, 2013
You may have heard of LittleBigPlanet the original, and played that game and seen how fantastic it is, a game that puts the power of creation right into your hands. The game gives you all the tools and instructions on how to use them, and all they really ask of you is a dash of imagination. Now in LBP 2, there are some major improvements as well as some slightly more complicated additions, but I will start with the story. The story improves greatly upon the last game, but they are in no way connected to each other. In LBP 2, you are recruited by an individual known in the game as "Da Vinci", and your sackboy and him travel the world in search of others to band together and defeat the monster they call, "The Negativitron." Unlike the first game, this antagonist isn't an evil genius turned good, nor can he be reasoned with. This thing just travels the earth sucking up everything into it's void-like mouth, never to be seen again. So it is your duty as sackboy to take it out. Once the story is finished the game is far from over. The real butter of the game lies in its creative mode, where you can use all the bits and bobs you collect in the story mode to build something amazing. In addition to this, levels made by normal people can be published, and can be played by anyone all over the world! Carrying the near 6 million levels made in the original LBP, LBP2 adds its own unique levels to the collection. Different genres have opened up in the options of creating levels as well. In the last game, players were restricted to 2D platformers, and that was it. With the expansion of circuit boards and controlinators, a sackboy can start in a controlinator and jump into a wirelessly controlled UFO on the other side of the level abducting cows from a birds-eye perspective. With new gadgets such as grappling hooks, circuit boards, controlinators, and new and improved emitters, the possibilities are near endless. The biggest differences for creators were the controlinators, as these allow a sackboy to control and fly something like a flying bug, and the circuit boards, adding a little more complexity to a moving or non-moving object in the game. Another addition which adds to the livelihood of the game are sackbots. Sackbots can do almost anything your own sackboy can do, but they have to be programmed to do it. The programming of a sackbot is fairly simple, but the more complex you want their actions to be, the harder and more difficult the programming is. This game truly is a revolution in what a gamer can do when given the right tools and a game to let his imagination flow into. If there is one word that this game truly speaks out when its name is said it is, "Imagination", and imaginative is indeed what this game has come to be known for. This is definitely a game you and your family do not want to miss out on, so seriously, play this game.

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