Fallout 3 on Xbox 360,PC

March 8, 2013
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In October of 2008 the face of post apocalyptic gaming evolved with the release of Fallout 3. As the name I'mplies it is the 3rd game in a series. However it evolved from it's old school isometric predecessors. This open world expansive storyline driven role-playing game is without a doubt well known.

What could one expect from a Bethesda studios game except large fully I'mmersing maps nd in the case of fallout it's both geographically, and historically correct. Fallout 3 takes place in Washington D.C. which is now called the capitol wasteland. The world is plagued with radioactive gases, oozes and god knows what abominations. This is of course after a nuclear war between us and China broke out in the year 2077 over an energy crisis. So many of the people in D.C. left to crawl underground in underground cities called vaults. However when your father leaves the vault, you run after hI'm into the harsh world hoping to bring hI'm back...and alive.

The art style leaves you wondering if this was the future, or the 1950's as the cars, houses, billboards, even the drinks, look like something out of a cheesy sitcom your parents would have watched. Still putting it in the aftermath of nuclear warfare gives such a sense of realism you feel as if everything building will fall and the great soundtrack only backs it up. From the howling winds to the sound of steel girders groaning under stress and erosion. Whether its the 23rd century, or the mid 20th century, it's truly breathtaking in a chaotic sense.

However if art was all you needed to be compliant with a game well art museums would be the biggest game consumers ever known. However this isn't the case you need good game-play and a great storyline and fallout 3 in my honest opinion has one of the best from the little moments you share with your new friends to the very last breath they take saving you to better the world. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you will hold your breath in suspense of what happens next cause even though you're in control the story really hits you hard. It makes you wonder if Bethesda was working towards making a game or a cinematic masterpiece .

I know you don't care for the art...or the storyline I'm just passionate about this game but onto the game-play. It's your standard RP game with your little control hub i.e your Pipboy 3000. You've got the standard right trigger to attack (speaking for xbox controls) your left trigger to aI'm and the super target systems V.A.T.S. think of it like the finisher in mortal kombat. With brain splatter as a reward for all your hard work combating the forces of the waste. From giant super mutants to sI'mple mutant mole-rats there are enemies of all caliber and everyone is a treat to handle. Though without the worst enemies to handle are...the ghouls. Think of them as the most creepiest zombie thing you will ever meet they can come out of nowhere and won't know till you hear the chilling raspy screech in your ears. the thought alone makes me cringe, they are just that freaky. as far as weapons goes, how does making a railroad gun and stabbing people to walls sound? if you liked the idea then fallout is definately for you, aside form the normal weaponry are some of the most convoluted and devastating weapons you will ever have the pleasure of using. The DLC's add more unique and more powerful weapons but at the cost that one they're gone, they're gone. No getting them back, don't fret none there are still normal weapons with plenty of power to get the job done. Along with weapons comes allies you will never get anywhere in the world, you're always gonna need an extra hand...or two with a really big gun. However some you won't be able to get if you aren't pure enough or evil enough bringing me to the next point. Morality, everything you don, seen or unseen is counted towards your good or bad karma, some actions give you more karma than others but in the end it all comes down to one or the other. So if you like being recognized as a supreme twerp then hooray here's your chance.

If there was more time in the world to explain I would but i'll leave the final judgement and discovery up to you. I'd give this game 5 thumbs up if I could but i can only give it two very big ones.

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Nyson said...
Mar. 16, 2013 at 8:56 pm
seriously...they replaced the im with I'm on everything -.- annoying
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