Anarchy Reigns on Xbox 360, PC

March 8, 2013
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How do you prefer your video game protagonist? the pretty boy that becomes corrupt in a truly unfix-able world? or perhaps you prefer the gruff mercenary type who doesn't have a thing to corrupt because he IS corruption. No need to worry, Anarchy Reigns has both for you to play around with.

Anarchy Reigns was popular on the PC for a long time but as of lately it has turned its attention to the platform gaming. Anarchy Reigns is the kind of post apocalyptic mash em up chaos that I'm sure even the most moral of people would enjoy. The art style is very gritty however contrasts to the characters who are colored quite cheerfully with all values from reds to blues. On the topic of art comes the environment with a focus on destructible, from throwing the cars and junk lying around, to knocking down water towers, and even run away trucks. And throughout the game the map is constantly changing and undergoing status effects from poison gases to bomb squadrons and even run away trains...i see they let anyone drive in a destroyed society.

Moving on to the campaign you have to options. The white side and black side...OK racism aside, on the white side is Leo a member of an all power technical police force who is searching for a dangerous man named Max. However when searching for leads they run into Jack, a hard boiled man who only knows revenge and drinking, well it seems Jack also wishes to find max and butts heads with the police force because of it. Now both men have to beat some sense into the people surrounding the mysterious Max.

The game-play is simple, it's a combination of beat em' up and hand to hand combat. Aside from your typical strong and normal attacks all characters have a trick up their sleeve...or their leg...or chest. They're called killer weapons as ironic as that sounds. Each character has a number of special moves to really do some damage but they wear down your vitality meter so don't use em' recklessly. To go with the carnage is something of about 11 different multi-player modes from your standard battle Royal to games like death-ball. Is it soccer? Is it football? all i know is it really is deadly. If you like healthy competition and odd ways of showing it multi-player is the way to go for you.

The game is a solid M rating but it's definitely worth the buy. I highly recommend this game to all those with anger management problems and even those without.

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