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February 21, 2013
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Minecraft is a game where anything is possible. It is available at minecraft.net, and costs $26.00. It includes both multiplayer and single player modes. The setting is made up of blocks, each one "block" tall, and you are a two block tall person that can jump one block high. There are many different types of blocks including, stone, dirt, sand, gravel, iron, diamond, lapis lazuli, obsidian, redstone, and wood just to name a few. These blocks can be placed in game to build many structures like houses, stables and towers.

On single player, you have two options: survival mode and creative mode. In survival mode you are spawned in a random spot on a randomly generated Minecraft world where you must survive. At first, you are only capable of breaking wood, dirt, gravel and sand. By breaking woods and collecting it, you can make wooden tools such as, pickaxes (mining stone), axe (chopping wood/fighting monsters and animals), hoe (farming), and a sword (stronger than axe in fighting monsters and animals). The pickaxe is often thought of as one of the most important tools for without it one would be stuck on wooden tools. The wood pickaxe allows you to mine stone. With stone you can make a stone pickaxe and mine iron, and the iron pickaxe lets you mine diamond. Finally, the diamond pickaxe lets you mine obsidian, which can be used to make a portal to the nether (the Minecraft Underworld), where you can fight many scary creatures. You can also build a nice house for yourself, which is smart because it can protect you from the monsters that come out at night. Creative mode is pretty much the same as survival mode but survival is useless. It is solely for building. You are equipped with all of the blocks and you can build whatever you want to.

In multiplayer mode you connect to servers where you can play with other people. The servers usually strip away your privilege to break blocks, and each server has its own theme. There are town servers, hunger games servers, battle servers, capture the flag servers, you name it. Almost every game mode is in a server.

Minecraft is a great game, and the multiplayer option gives you a plethora of gameplay options. You should definitely get the game.

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