Bleach: Soul Ressureccion on PS3

This anime has become one of the most widely known and respected animes throughout the world. It is I believe just as or close to the popularity of Naruto, although not as long. The game takes place in about the time frame of twenty episodes of the anime from when Ichigo enters Hueco Mundo for the first time all the way to when Aizen is defeated by Ichigo's final Getsugatensho, Mugetsu. To start, everything in the game is fairly accurate to what happened in the anime, the only problem was, that when a character such as Ichigo fought in his famous battle with Grimmjoww, Orihime and Nel were nowhere to be seen. Rather, they made small appearances as dialogues in the action of the game. What was especially out of place was the three companions who traveled with Nel were nowhere to be seen, Bawabawa, DondaChaka, and Peshe. They were absent from the game entirely, not even mentioned or referred to.

As did the rest of the small time characters who weren't playable in the game, like Rangiku, Yachiru, and Kisuke Urahara (Who all definitely should have been playable characters, although Yachiru has never appeared in a battle in the anime.) There is a great number of characters (Around 20) and each of them has their own special moves and talents, so it is guaranteed you would find someone that suits your style. There are some characters whose abilities and powers are more noticeable than others. Uryu Ishida, the Quincy, is one such character. With his stash of Ginto techniques that was seen in the anime, he can use these in the game as well, which is a skill that no other character can do. While he blocks attacks, he also spins his sword of spiritual pressure, which not only blocks attacks but also damages the opponent if they get too close. Ichigo is also quite noticeable in difference, given that he has four different playable forms in the game. The first is his regular Bankai version, and in this form, he can use his Hollow mask to power up at a certain time. IT is the weakest form, but you must play through the missions available for play through separate from the actual story. The second unlockable form is his skullclad form. This only makes an appearance in the Bleach movie, however, (Although I can't recall which one it is exxactly.) This is also the same movie the playable character Kokuto comes from. The third and next playable character is his fully hollowfied second form, when he battles with Ulqiorra after he blows a hole through his chest. (which was not mentioned in the game.) The fourth and final form of Ichigo is his "Final Form" as seen in the game. This is his strongest form, and his attacks become much more powerful and faster. As for the rest of the characters, the antagonists such as the Espadas are actually playable in the missions, and you are free to level them up and max them out. Not all Espadas are playable, but from the ones that are they are always in their released forms, and all of their attacks come straight from the anime, but something interested me about Grimmjow's attacks. In the game, he had a move called the "Gran Rey Cero" which he only used in the anime once before being defeated by Ichigo. I found it interesting that although Grimmjow only used this attack once, the game company responsible for developing this game was actually able to work with just one of these attacks, and then implement it so that it didn't look too odd in-game. Grimmjoww must have been a difficult character to work with, because in the anime he is in his released form for only one episode, and I just don't think that would be enough for me to completely transfer a character and all his move sets into a game that was expected to be top-notch. The playable Espadas in-game are Ulqiorra, Grimmjoww, Nnoitora, Halibel, Barragan, and Stark. There are also a variety of Squad captains that can be played as, such as Hitsugaya, Captain Kuchiki, Soi Fon, Shunsui Kyoraku, Kenpachi Zaraki, and the former squad captain, Gin Ichimaru. The story itself is accurate enough, but for the extremely hardcore fans, (such as myself) we were somewhat disappointed by the lack of complete and absolute story detail, but in all its entirety, its a Bleach game, so any fan of Bleach should already be thankful enough. To finish up, the game overall is amazing, and I invested an extreme amount of time playing it, and I hope that many of you have or will have played it in the future.

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