Final Fantasy on NES/PSX/Ipod/Iphone/PSP/PS3

October 4, 2012
By riCoa BRONZE, Somers, New York
riCoa BRONZE, Somers, New York
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Final Fantasy, a game that started many. Whenever I play this game it reminds me how everything started with the genre.

There are none which is a downside but you get to decide between what class for your 4 heroes and choose their names! It's really cool to see your name in the game as your battling enemies. However, this is a downside because none of your characters talk which really weakens the plot. For characters I give a 2/5.

Story: Again like the characters the story in this game is very weak. The story is the same format of going to get something and bringing it back or fighting a beast or finding a secret area. However the villain is one of the best villains in final fantasy history. I don't want to spoil anything though. I give the story a 3/5.

Game play: Now this is where final fantasy excels. There are two different game play types in this game Battle and a top down exploration game. Let's first talk about exploration. When navigating town you can go to different shops to buy magic, weapons, armor and items. There are also people to talk to, although they are not very helpful. To get to other towns you can travel through the over world area by boat and even airship. Now, the best part in Final Fantasy is the battles. When you fight in a battle you have four commands (depending on what class you are) fight,magic,defend and item. (there are more but these are the main ones) The battle is turn based and whether you win or lose is whether you bought the right items or if you equipped powerful weapons or armor. I give the game play a 5/5

Graphics and Music:

Now, depending on what version you play on these two are both different. I recommend the original NES version and the PSP version. IN the music department the retro music is good and nostalgic for many people, while the PSP version has all the tracks revamped and sounding great still. The retro look of the NES version of Final Fantasy is great but, the PSP version's visuals out date it completely. I give the graphics and music a 5/5

Final score: 4/5
Final Fantasy is a must play even with it's flaws it's a blast to play to this day. I recommend the PSP versions because it has extra dungeons.

The author's comments:
I really want people to support square Enix because they are making bad mistakes and with enough fans maybe we can get them back on the right track

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