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June 5, 2012
By Lumbardo97 BRONZE, Alton, New Hampshire
Lumbardo97 BRONZE, Alton, New Hampshire
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Today I will be reviewing the game NBA 2K12 for Xbox 360 and PS3. The ESRB rating for this game is “E” for everyone. The producer of this game is 2K Sports, and the game also sponsors different producers. One of the sponsors in the game is Nike; the game allows you to access Nike ID and design your own shoes and put them on your created player or another player in the NBA.

The game does not really have a story line; the closest thing is on My Player mode, which I will discuss in greater detail later. There are different types of game modes you can play within the game. You can do a classic exhibition match where you pick the team that you want to be and the team that you want to go against. You can also pick whether you want to be the home team or away team. Another game mode is that you can create your own team or player and use them in an exhibition match.
One of the popular game modes is “The Association”, in this game mode you chose what team that you want to be the manager of and organize their schedule, trade players, get coaches, medics, and control anything you want with your team. The most popular game mode is “My Player”; this game mode allows you to create your own player, your player then gets drafted to a team in the NBA. You can customize your player’s appearance, clothes, and information such as his college. Once you are on a team you can request to be traded to another team or complain about your coach or teammates. You can also earn skill points by playing games in your season, doing drills, or receiving endorsements. You can use these skill points to improve your attributes and abilities. Another part of My Player mode is that you can use the money you get from your pay days to buy a new shot, or bring your team out to dinner. There are also different things you can do on Blacktop mode.

Multiple players can enjoy NBA 2K12 at once. You can go against friends in a regular exhibition match, or play some street ball on blacktop mode. The game also has online capabilities. The Association mode online allows you to match up with other peoples’ teams from around the world. You can also do regular exhibition matches online. If you create a 2K account you can also see how your player on “My player” mode compares with other players who also have a 2K account.
The graphics in the game are flawless, if you are playing an exhibition match it looks like you’re watching a basketball game on TV. The movements of the players are also smooth and realistic. The game also goes into the detail of fans, going in and out of their seats in the crowd.

The sound effects sound just like the real thing. You can control the volume of the sound effects, but I suggest that you don’t turn them off. When a player gets a swish it sounds just like a real swish, and the crowd sounds just like a crowd at a real game. You can also hear things like sneakers squeaking on the court and the ball bouncing on the court. Once in a while a player might also complain about a call under their breath or make a grunting sound when they get fouled. The music in the game, matches the game very well. Pretty much all of the songs have to do with basketball, and are very appropriate for younger and older age groups.

The quality of the game isn’t too shabby. The only problem that I face is sometimes the game will lag for about 5 seconds while you are in the middle of the game in My Player mode. This isn’t a big problem and it doesn’t really affect your experience of the game. That is pretty much the only problem in the game; I haven’t come across anything else within the game. The genre of the game is basketball/sports. NBA 2K12 is the best basketball experience out there; you can’t find a game more user friendly and updated more than NBA 2K12.

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