Arma 2 on PC

June 5, 2012
Back when it was released, Bohemia Interactive’s PC exclusive, Arma 2 contained many flaws, bugs, and glitches that rendered the game unplayable but with a large amount of patches and updates six months later, the pc simulator, rts (real time strategy), fps (first person shooter), and rpb (role playing game) game transformed into a masterpiece of gaming physics and engineering.

Arma 2 is set in the fictional country of Chernarus where the pro communist rebels (Chadaki) are fighting against the gov’t. Eventually the rebels weaken the gov’t military so much that if the US Marines (the player) don’t intervene, the country will be completely taken over. The player then moves in with a squad of highly trained operatives who you are under the command of the Fire Team Actual. You also have to be very wary about how you go about completing your objective because it’s one shot one kill just like in real life. It is a simulator and a darn good one. There is bullet drop, recoil, and even over 100 drivable o flyable vehicles all modeled correctly with real life standards. The campaign, in my opinion, was very hard to get into because of the difficult and often random controls but after you reach the missions that take 12 hours to complete, you will have had plenty of time to memorize and master the controls.

The graphics in this 2009 title are quite impressive. There is a large and realistic amount of head bob when you run or sprint and motion blur when you run or turn your head. The map is an amazing somewhat 270 square kilometers. The maps don’t change as you progress through the campaign, only your mission objectives change location on the map. Another selling point of this game is that the graphics options are very scalable which means you will probally be able to get away with a decent fram rate no matter what computer you have. To play it on medium or high settings though, will require some serous grunt and work from your cpu and gpu. Over all, I think that the graphics are very nice for such a good simulation game.

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