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May 23, 2012
By Pizzamouth BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
Pizzamouth BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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I like games that put me on the spot. The ones that make me feel like a hero. But I absolutely love games that require teamwork, and hard work, while I can still have fun. I think that these three traits are important in games. Portal 2 has them all. This story has a little bit of spoilers, so read at your own risk. I’m going to talk about Portal 2’s characters, it’s gameplay, what its about, a couple easter eggs in it, what the levels are like, a little of the story, all three types of gels in the game, me personally thanking the level creators, and what the point of the game is.

There are multiple characters in this game, but I’m only going to talk about the three most important. First off is the person you are controlling, Chell. If you have played the original Portal, you’ll hear her name a lot. She annoys the heck out of her enemy, GlaDOS. GLaDOS (Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System) is the computer that creates all of the “test chambers,” or puzzles, for Chell to complete. GLaDOS tries to kill you, after what happened in the original portal. That’s where Wheatley comes in. He wants to save Chell. He tries to help her escape from GLaDOS, so Chell can finally be free. But then things go very wrong, throughout the whole story.

Throughout the game, Chell is just trying to escape from GLaDOS. She has to do multiple tests, just to advance further through the chambers. To make things worse, GLaDOS will continuously discourage Chell. She will say remind Chell that she has no parents, and that she could lose a few pounds. There is also a multiplayer mode, which follows after singleplayer gameplay. However, it doesn’t really matter when you play it. Instead of being Chell, the two characters that players can be are P-Body, and Atlas. The concept is the same, however the puzzles are created so that two people are needed to complete them. There are also all kinds of secrets throughout the game.

These secrets are called easter eggs. They’re called this because you have to look to find these secrets. At certain points in the game, you can find writings on the wall, telling you to be careful, and to not trust GLaDOS. Also, if the player searches hard enough, they will find a portrait of Cave Johnson, and his assistant Caroline. GLaDOS will say that they both look very familiar... But what could that mean...? At a different part, you can find turrets (that normally shoot at you) practicing some sort of song.. But what could it be for..? These aren’t necessary to advance in the game, but they are fun to find.

All Portal 2 is about is to test how well Chell is able to do tests, and escape. There is only one way to do each test, even if it seems like it is impossible. These tests do get much harder as the player progresses. This game really makes your brain work, and is very challenging. However, it is still extremely fun, with the humor that is put into it.

First, the player starts off in a room. You hear a voice that tells you to do certain things, like jump and look right. This part just gets the player familiar with the controls. Chell goes to sleep after, and wakes up much later. The laboratory is starting to shake.. Its falling apart! Thankfully, Wheatley is here! But... Not for long... It looks like Chell is doomed to do test chambers forever... Is there really no hope?

Now, Chell has finally done the impossible! I won’t tell you what it is, because it would ruin the story. Too bad you now have no friends to celebrate with anymore. Your only friend just left you. Maybe you’ll be able to team up with your enemy.. But that would be impossible. Would Chell and GLaDOS have to rely on each other to defeat the new enemy? Oh.. What is this blue stuff...?

As Chell progresses through the chambers, she finds out that Aperture Laboratories (the people that made the portal gun) tried to make multiple gels. The first that Chell encounters is called a “Repulsion Gel.” This gel makes the person that jumps on it bounce off of it, and is blue in color. The next gel is, “Propulsion Gel.” This is the orange gel, and makes Chell run at high speeds. Last but not least, there is a white gel, called, “Conversion Gel.” This gel is able to make portals when you shoot it. Its able to do this, because it was made with moon dust. Remember that for later on.

Like most games, there is sadly an end. Portal 2’s storyline was great, and I loved all of the different voices put into it. I especially loved all the puzzles. I think that the people that made them are a little bit unrecognized. They put a bunch of hard work into this game, and I really appreciate it. I know that I wouldn’t be able to even come close to this quality of test chambers. They can get really complicated, and I can tell that these creators had to spend a long time creating them. So, if they ever read this, I’d like them to know that I, and a bunch of other kids thanks them greatly.

The whole point of Portal 2 is to just mess with the players brain for a bit, while he or she can still have fun. The creators definitely put a bunch of time and effort in Portal 2 to make it hard for the great gamers out there. They add a lot of obstacles to the game, just so its even harder to complete. But, it all makes up for it in the end. The ending is phenomenal. It ends perfectly, just how everyone would want it to. If someone buys this game, they must make sure that they play it until the end.

I talked about the characters, Portal 2’s gameplay, some of it’s easter eggs, what its about, what the levels are like, and a couple other things. Portal 2 has everything a game should have in it. This is a great, and I highly recommend buying it. There is quite a bit of humor put throughout the game. It made me laugh a lot. If portals were real in this time, anything would be possible. We could go anywhere, at any time. And who knows? Maybe in the future, portals will be a reality.

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I really love this game, and thought that people should hear more about it.

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