NBA 2K12 on Xbox 360/ PS3

May 23, 2012
By Brenden BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
Brenden BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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In “NBA 2K10” 2K Sports made the pretty good. They had crew games, my player, and many more game modes. In “NBA 2K12” 2K Sports made the game better and it turned out great. They added more things to NBA 2K12. NBA 2K12 is like shooting hoops like an NBA player, but playing it on a videogame console. The game turned out very good, there are good things, bad things, new game modes, and some things that need to be fixed. And also my opinion of this NBA game.

First of all, the good things about this game are the realistic players, shots, and dribbling. 2K Sports made it so every player had their own shots. Also, when having the ball the player can call their own plays so its easier to score with crossovers and screens. The shooting and dribbling like I said before is realistic, while driving into the paint the player can do a hop-step shot, crossovers into the paint, when in the paint the player is also able to size-up, and also not forgetting the dribbling fade away. Every shot and most of every dribble move is new in NBA 2K12, so from NBA 2K10 2K Sports made 2K12 better. A game always has good things about them, but they can also have some bad things.

Obviously, there is some bad things about this game, but not much to affect the game. First, there is the foul calls from the refs saying it is a reach-in foul. Usually the player reaches in for the ball and gets called for a reach-in foul almost every time. Which makes the player get into foul trouble which isn’t very good. Next, is the random lag out of nowhere. The lag goes on for about 5-10 seconds while going on and off lag. Pausing the game usually helps out the lag though. Lastly, the fast breaks mostly always work, but out of nowhere, when running into the paint the player doesn’t shoot the ball, he runs out of bounds for a turnover. This all can happen when playing any game mode at any time.

There are many different game modes in this game, there are only a few good ones though. My PLayer, is the best one to play, and my favorite. In My Player, creating a player is the first thing. Next, the player that was created gets drafted into any NBA team. After all this is done, the player plays as many season as it can and gets paid every 14 days. Quick play is when two teams face off in 5 minutes in 4 quarters. Play as any team and play as anybody or any team. The Association is like a regular season type of game mode. Pick any team to play and an option to do a draft or not. It also has the ability to trade any player for another player. In the online game, there can be 1 v 1 or play with up to 2-24 people. There are many game modes to play, but they need just a little fixing and it would turn out great.

While playing NBA 2K12 there are minor problems that need to be fixed. First of all, the reach-in fouls are called when it obviously isn’t suppose to be called. Also, in “My Player” when in a fast break rarely will this happen, the player runs out of bounds when running, like I said before. Which isn’t good for the My Player’s teammate grade. Playing any game mode a little lag will happen. It happens once in awhile, but not that long. The last thing is not harmful to the game, but 2K Sports should re-add Crew games, again, because it was enjoyable to play. All the things that need to be fixed, doesn’t effect the game. 2K Sports should fix them because it can mess up the game a little bit, but not by much.

In my opinion NBA 2K12 is a terrific game! The 2K Sports creators made it realistic, enjoyable, and well made. They added better features to all the game modes and the settings. All the shots by the players and the dribbling moves have improved by a lot since 2K10. The “My Player” mode is my favorite, and is the best with the most work put into. They add so many things to my player it’s unbelieveable. 2K Sports added paychecks, messages from MJ (Michael Jordan), and a faster way to earn skill points. The few things needed to be fixed in the game is really good in my opinion. Probably the best game in 2012, so far.

In 2K10 it was good, but they upgraded 2K12 to become great. Everything in this game is very well done. The bad things in this game, are not that big of a problem, right now. It’s a really enjoyable game, so if basketball is the sport that's interesting, get this game. Like I said before it’s like shooting hoops but on a videogame console. Basketball to me is a great sport, but when people can’t get out to play it, they should turn to play NBA 2K12.

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